Jaspreet Singh

According to our database1, Jaspreet Singh authored at least 59 papers between 2007 and 2020.

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Multilevel Security Framework for NFV Based on Software Defined Perimeter.
IEEE Netw., 2020

Automated approaches for ROIs extraction in medical thermography: a review and future directions.
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BERTnesia: Investigating the capture and forgetting of knowledge in BERT.
CoRR, 2020

Five-Layers SDP-Based Hierarchical Security Paradigm for Multi-access Edge Computing.
CoRR, 2020

Valid Explanations for Learning to Rank Models.
CoRR, 2020

AMUSED: A Multi-Stream Vector Representation Method for Use in Natural Dialogue.
Proceedings of The 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 2020

Model agnostic interpretability of rankers via intent modelling.
Proceedings of the FAT* '20: Conference on Fairness, 2020

Dissonance Between Human and Machine Understanding.
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Geometrically invariant color, shape and texture features for object recognition using multiple kernel learning classification approach.
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EXS: Explainable Search Using Local Model Agnostic Interpretability.
Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, 2019

Asynchronous Training of Word Embeddings for Large Text Corpora.
Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, 2019

Towards Frugal 5G: A Case Study of Palghar Test-bed in India.
Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference Workshop, 2019

A study on the Interpretability of Neural Retrieval Models using DeepSHAP.
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Toxicity Prediction by Multimodal Deep Learning.
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An efficient load balancing method for ad hoc networks.
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Multi-channel versus quaternion orthogonal rotation invariant moments for color image representation.
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Interpreting search result rankings through intent modeling.
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Posthoc Interpretability of Learning to Rank Models using Secondary Training Data.
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ACM SIGIR Student Liaison Program.
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Optimization of sentiment analysis using machine learning classifiers.
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Towards Affordable Broadband Communication: A Quantitative Assessment of TV White Space in Tanzania.
Proceedings of the Information and Communication Technology for Development for Africa, 2017

Multi-channel generalized pseudo-Jacobi-Fourier moments for color image reconstruction and object recognition.
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition, 2017

Bits_Pilani@INLI-FIRE-2017: Indian Native Language Identification using Deep Learning.
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IIIT-H at CLEF eHealth 2017 Task 2: Technologically Assisted Reviews in Empirical Medicine.
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Structure-Aware Visualization of Text Corpora.
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Designing Search Tasks for Archive Search.
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Searching Data Portals - More Complex than we Thought?
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An optimized prioritized load balancing approach to scalable routing (OPLBA).
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Towards Enabling Broadband for a Billon Plus Population with TV White Spaces.
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Toward enabling broadband for a billion plus population with TV white spaces.
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The Knowledge Awakens: Keeping Knowledge Bases Fresh with Emerging Entities.
Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on World Wide Web, 2016

Expedition: A Time-Aware Exploratory Search System Designed for Scholars.
Proceedings of the 39th International ACM SIGIR conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, 2016

L3S at the NTCIR-12 Temporal Information Access (Temporalia-2) Task.
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Discovering Entities with Just a Little Help from You.
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History by Diversity: Helping Historians search News Archives.
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On the Feasibility of Codebook-Based Beamforming in Millimeter Wave Systems With Multiple Antenna Arrays.
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LearnWeb-OER: Improving Accessibility of Open Educational Resources.
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Exploring Long Running News Stories using Wikipedia.
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On the feasibility of beamforming in millimeter wave communication systems with multiple antenna arrays.
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Engineering a Performance Management System to Support Community Care Delivery.
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Phase-Quantized Block Noncoherent Communication.
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GSM OTA SIM Cloning Attack and Cloning Resistance in EAP-SIM and USIM.
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LTE-advanced modem design: challenges and perspectives.
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Social Network for Elderly.
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Multiple-Target Tracking With Binary Proximity Sensors.
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Research Essay: Challenges and Considerations of Modern Day Portal Tooling.
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Implementing games on pinball machines.
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Using Human Plausible Reasoning as a Framework for Multilingual Information Filtering.
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Transceiver Design with Low-Precision Analog-to-Digital Conversion : An Information-Theoretic Perspective
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