Joshua W. K. Ho

According to our database1, Joshua W. K. Ho authored at least 30 papers between 2005 and 2022.

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Evaluation of Experimental Protocols for Shotgun Whole-Genome Metagenomic Discovery of Antibiotic Resistance Genes.
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FlowGrid enables fast clustering of very large single-cell RNA-seq data.
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Introduction to the Special Issue on GIW/ABACBS 2019.
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PARC: ultrafast and accurate clustering of phenotypic data of millions of single cells.
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dv-trio: a family-based variant calling pipeline using DeepVariant.
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Expression Clustering.
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Ultrafast clustering of single-cell flow cytometry data using FlowGrid.
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iSyTE 2.0: a database for expression-based gene discovery in the eye.
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C3: An R package for cross-species compendium-based cell-type identification.
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Falco: a quick and flexible single-cell RNA-seq processing framework on the cloud.
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Integrative analysis identifies co-dependent gene expression regulation of BRG1 and CHD7 at distal regulatory sites in embryonic stem cells.
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Harnessing Multiple Source Test Cases in Metamorphic Testing: A Case Study in Bioinformatics.
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A cloud-based framework for applying metamorphic testing to a bioinformatics pipeline.
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A genetic ensemble approach for gene-gene interaction identification.
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A voting approach to identify a small number of highly predictive genes using multiple classifiers.
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An innovative approach for testing bioinformatics programs using metamorphic testing.
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Drawing Clustered Graphs in Three Dimensions.
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GEOMI: GEOmetry for Maximum Insight.
Proceedings of the Graph Drawing, 13th International Symposium, 2005