Junho Park

According to our database1, Junho Park authored at least 56 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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An Analytical Jitter Tolerance Model for DLL-Based Clock and Data Recovery Circuits.
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CoDR: Correlation-Based Data Reduction Scheme for Efficient Gathering of Heterogeneous Driving Data.
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mmWave 5G NR Cellular Handset Prototype Featuring Optically Invisible Beamforming Antenna-on-Display.
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Benchmark temperature microcontroller for process dynamics and control.
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Comparison of Cognitive Workload Assessment Techniques in EMG-based Prosthetic Device Studies.
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Evaluation of Activities of Daily Living Tesbeds for Assessing Prosthetic Device Usability.
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Toward Autonomous Bridge Inspection: A framework and experimental results.
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Passivity based Control of Antagonistic Tendon-Driven Mechanism.
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Energy-Efficient Mobile Charging for Wireless Power Transfer in Internet of Things Networks.
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Edge plating for building large arrays and low-inductance board-to-board connection.
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2D Barcode Detection using Images for Drone-assisted Inventory Management.
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Integrated Semantic Model for Complex Disease Network.
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Combined model predictive control and scheduling with dominant time constant compensation.
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An Energy-Efficient Secure Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Dynamic modeling and control of hopping robot in planar space.
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Periodic and Chaotic Dynamics of the Ehrhard-Müller System.
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BiDIP: a Biological Data Integration Platform for Transcriptome Analysis.
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A feasible method to combat against DDoS attack in SDN network.
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An efficient path planning method for a cleaning robot based on ceiling vision.
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A Linear Broadcast Indexing Scheme in Road Environments with Sensor Networks.
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