Ke Zhao

According to our database1, Ke Zhao authored at least 40 papers between 2000 and 2020.

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Modified Single-Carrier Multilevel SPWM and Online Efficiency Enhancement for Single-Phase Asymmetrical NPC Grid-Connected Inverter.
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Improvement of SWIPT Relaying System Performance Under the Interference Environment.
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Test-retest reliability of cerebral blood flow for assessing brain function at rest and during a vigilance task.
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A New Ship-Radiated Noise Feature Extraction Technique Based on Variational Mode Decomposition and Fluctuation-Based Dispersion Entropy.
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Landscape of multi-tissue global gene expression reveals the regulatory signatures of feed efficiency in beef cattle.
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Dynamic and Privacy-Preserving Reputation Management for Blockchain-Based Mobile Crowdsensing.
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A Deep Transfer Nonnegativity-Constraint Sparse Autoencoder for Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis With Few Labeled Data.
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Performance assessment of the NIRS-based medical system of evaluating therapeutic effect.
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Reliability analysis of a mini-instrument for simultaneous monitoring water content, deep tissue temperature, and hemodynamic parameters.
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Research on the Energy Allocation Scheme Based on SWIPT Relaying System.
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Research on Dynamic and Static Fusion Polymorphic Gesture Recognition Algorithm for Interactive Teaching Interface.
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A concept-ontology-based model for resource conflict and task scheduling in concurrent engineering.
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Enhancing Metacognitive Language Learning Strategy Use and Business Language Proficiency in Technology-Enhanced Collaborative Learning Environment.

Wireless Communication for Heavy Haul Railway Tunnels Based on Distributed Antenna Systems.
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Fostering collective and individual learning through knowledge building.
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A Multi-Fork Z-Axis Quartz Micromachined Gyroscope.
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Domain Ontology Design and Reasoning for Resource Matchmaking in Emergency Response Systems.
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FUDAOWANG: A Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring System Implementing Advanced Education Concepts.
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