Zhihao Zhang

According to our database1, Zhihao Zhang authored at least 47 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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Scale-Adaptive NN-Based Similarity for Robust Template Matching.
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A Portable Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy System for Dissolved CO2 Detection Using a High-Efficiency Headspace Equilibrator.
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Spatio-Temporal Graph Dual-Attention Network for Multi-Agent Prediction and Tracking.
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WSN Localization Technology Based on Hybrid GA-PSO-BP Algorithm for Indoor Three-Dimensional Space.
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Weighted Smallest Deformation Similarity for NN-Based Template Matching.
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Spatiotemporal Convolutional Neural Network with Convolutional Block Attention Module for Micro-Expression Recognition.
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Social-WaGDAT: Interaction-aware Trajectory Prediction via Wasserstein Graph Double-Attention Network.
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Autonomous Railway Traffic Object Detection Using Feature-Enhanced Single-Shot Detector.
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Affine Deformation Model Based Intra Block Copy for Intra Frame Coding.
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Biologically Inspired Resource Allocation for Network Slices in 5G-Enabled Internet of Things.
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Operational safety of chemical processes via Safeness-Index based MPC: Two large-scale case studies.
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Control Lyapunov-Barrier function-based model predictive control of nonlinear systems.
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A Comparative Study of Deep Learning-Based Vulnerability Detection System.
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Mobile Robot Self-LocalizationUsing Visual Odometry Based on Ceiling Vision.
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LET-Attack: Latent Encodings of Normal-Data Manifold Transferring to Adversarial Examples.
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Task Cartesian Coordinate Frame based High Precision 3-D Adaptive Robust Contouring Control.
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Novel Coding Tools Based on Characteristics for Short Videos.
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Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Rating Prediction and User Characteristics.
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Application of Logistic Regression with Fixed Memory Step Gradient Descent Method in Multi-Class Classification Problem.
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Dynamic Cascaded Regression Network with Reinforcement Learning for Robust Face Alignment.
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Integrating Safeness Index-Based Model Predictive Control and Safety Relief Valve Activation for Operational Safety of Chemical Processes.
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Thermally Optimized Polarization-Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fiber and Its FOG Application.
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Microstructure evolution and mechanical strength evaluation in Ag/Sn/Cu TLP bonding interconnection during aging test.
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SMEConvNet: A Convolutional Neural Network for Spotting Spontaneous Facial Micro-Expression From Long Videos.
IEEE Access, 2018

Incorporating User Willingness in Contract-Based Incentive Mechanism for D2D Cooperative Data Forwarding.
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Resource Allocation Based on Reverse Auction Algorithm in Edge Computing Environment.
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From Macro to Micro Expression Recognition: Deep Learning on Small Datasets Using Transfer Learning.
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Research on Nonlinear Control for Power Supply Control Device in Space-Borne Full Regulation Power Bus Platform.
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Unbalance Loads Compensation with STATCOM Based on PR Controller and Notch Filter.
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Network analysis of virus-innate immune interaction within a host.
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Lyapunov-based Economic Model Predictive Control of Stochastic Nonlinear Systems.
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Variable Selection Using Adaptive Band Clustering and Physarum Network.
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A hybrid deep learning approach for urban expressway travel time prediction considering spatial-temporal features.
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A soft measurement of small out-line transistor in surface mount technology.
Proceedings of the IECON 2017 - 43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Beijing, China, October 29, 2017

FindIt: Real-time Through-Wall Human Motion Detection Using Narrow Band SDR: Demo Abstract.
Proceedings of the 14th ACM Conference on Embedded Network Sensor Systems, SenSys 2016, 2016

Multi-task clustering via domain adaptation.
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Transfer estimation of evolving class priors in data stream classification.
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Design and Realization of New Generation Campus Smart Card System Based on the Mobile Communication.
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Regression Test Generation Approach Based on Tree-Structured Analysis.
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