Lin Qi

According to our database1, Lin Qi authored at least 68 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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Sparse Hierarchical Interaction Learning with Epigraphical Projection.
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Joint User Access Mode Selection and Content Popularity Prediction in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access-Based F-RANs.
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Singing Voice Conversion Based on Non-Parallel Corpus.
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Research on the image segmentation of icing line based on NSCT and 2-D OSTU.
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Research on Vehicle Taillight Detection and Semantic Recognition Based on Internet of Vehicle.
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Electromagnetic Spectrum Threat Prediction via Deep Learning.
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Design and implementation of a pulse wave generator based on Windkessel model using field programmable gate array technology.
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Comparison of Regression Analysis and Transfer Function in Estimating the Parameters of Central Pulse Waves from Brachial Pulse Wave.
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Research on modelling and database construction of supporting magnetic variation data and atmospheric data for flight management system simulation.
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Consensus algorithm for distributed state estimation in multi-clusters sensor network.
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Acute effects of incremental exercise on central hemodynamics in young basketball athletes.
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S-SPAN: Secure smart posters in Android using NFC.
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A predictive adaptive load balancing model.
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