Ya Wang

According to our database1, Ya Wang authored at least 46 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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Model Identification of Unobservable Behavior of Discrete Event Systems Using Petri Nets.
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Accounting for differential variability in detecting differentially methylated regions.
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Automatic Badminton Action Recognition Using CNN with Adaptive Feature Extraction on Sensor Data.
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A Method to Automatic Measuring Riding Comfort of Autonomous Vehicles: Based on Passenger Subjective Rating and Vehicle Parameters.
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Improving Feature-based Visual SLAM by Semantics.
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Towards a Modeling Framework of Social Contexts, Roles and Relations for Acquiring Role-Specific Rules.
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HFMV: hybridizing formal methods and machine learning for verification of analog and mixed-signal circuits.
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An Improved Cancelable Fingerprint Template Encryption System Research.
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Rapid identification model of mine water inrush sources based on extreme learning machine.
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The Electrical Activity of Neurons Subject to Electromagnetic Induction and Gaussian White Noise.
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pETM: a penalized Exponential Tilt Model for analysis of correlated high-dimensional DNA methylation data.
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SonicOperator: Ultrasonic gesture recognition with deep neural network on mobiles.
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A transparent silk-fibroin-based triboelectric microgenerator for airflow energy harvesting.
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Design and implementation of a quadrotor tail-sitter VTOL UAV.
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Discrete invasive weed optimization algorithm for traveling salesman problems.
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A face recognition hybrid algorithm by combining LDA with PNN.
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Convergence-Boosted Graph Partitioning using Maximum Spanning Trees for Iterative Solution of Large Linear Circuits.
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Accurate Modeling of Nonideal Low-Power PWM DC-DC Converters Operating in CCM and DCM using Enhanced Circuit-Averaging Techniques.
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Bit selection via walks on graph for hash-based nearest neighbor search.
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Extracting Knowledge from Web Tables Based on DOM Tree Similarity.
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A Practical Method of Identifying Chinese Metaphor Phrases from Corpus.
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Knowledge Extraction from Chinese Records of Cyber Attacks Based on a Semantic Grammar.
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Multi-harmonic nonlinear modeling of low-power PWM DC-DC converters operating in CCM and DCM.
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Software crowdsourcing for developing Software-as-a-Service.
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A Chinese Framework of Semantic Taxonomy and Description: Preliminary Experimental Evaluation Using Web Information Extraction.
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Frequent episode mining within the latest time windows over event streams.
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An Adaptive Enhancement Algorithm of Materials Bag Image of Industrial Scene.
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A unifying and robust method for efficient envelope-following simulation of PWM/PFM DC-DC converters.
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A Two-Stage Approach for Reconstruction of Cross-Cut Shredded Text Documents.
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Social Advertisability Analysis on Twitter.
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Particle Swarm Optimization-Neural Network Algorithm and Its Application in the Genericarameter of Microstrip Line.
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A Kind of CTA Bone Removal Technology Based on the Improved Watershed Algorithm.
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TCM Dyspnea Syndrome Experience Mining Based on Rough Set Theory.
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On-line monitoring of nonaxisymmetric flow profile with a multielectrode inductance flowmeter.
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