Liwei Shi

According to our database1, Liwei Shi authored at least 33 papers between 2010 and 2020.

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Analytical Model of Air-Gap Field in Hybrid Excitation and Interior Permanent Magnet Machine for Electric Logistics Vehicles.
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Hydrodynamic Analysis-Based Modeling and Experimental Verification of a New Water-Jet Thruster for an Amphibious Spherical Robot.
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A CNN-based prototype method of unstructured surgical state perception and navigation for an endovascular surgery robot.
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A vascular interventional surgical robot based on surgeon's operating skills.
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Optimization Design of a New Type of Interior Permanent Magnet Generator for Electric Vehicle Range Extender.
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A Novel Small-scale Turtle-inspired Amphibious Spherical Robot.
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Biologically Inspired Robotics 2016.
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An improved non-traditional finite element formulation for solving three-dimensional elliptic interface problems.
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Optimal current amplitude range for fault tolerant control of four-phase doubly salient electromagnetic motor.
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Rectifier Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance of a Doubly Fed Brushless Starter Generator.
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Biologically Inspired Robotics.
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A numerical method for solving elasticity equations with interface involving multi-domains and triple junction points.
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Implementation of Human-Machine Synchronization Control for Active Rehabilitation Using an Inertia Sensor.
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