Qingyu Zhang

According to our database1, Qingyu Zhang authored at least 39 papers between 2001 and 2021.

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Evaluation on visualization methods of dynamic collaborative relationships for project management.
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A Prediction Model Based on Artificial Neural Network for the Temperature Performance of a Hydrodynamic Retarder in Constant-Torque Braking Process.
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A two-period carbon tax regulation for manufacturing and remanufacturing production planning.
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Development of an Automatic Grinding System for Servo Valve Spool Throttling Edge.
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Booth encoding modulo (2<i><sup>n</sup></i> - 2<i><sup>p</sup></i> - 1) multipliers.
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An Expert System for Decision Support of the Total Allocation of Agriculture Non-point Source Pollution - A Case of Tiaoxi Watershed.
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