Tadashi Maeda

According to our database1, Tadashi Maeda authored at least 14 papers between 1998 and 2019.

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Simple, Analytical Expressions of an Effect of Local Signal Imperfections on Four-Phase Passive-Mixer-Based Bandpass Filter.
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Low-Power Widely Tunable Gm-C Filter Employing an Adaptive DC-blocking, Triode-Biased MOSFET Transconductor.
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A 30-MHz-2.4-GHz CMOS Receiver With Integrated RF Filter and Dynamic-Range-Scalable Energy Detector for Cognitive Radio Systems.
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A 2.5 kV Isolation 35 kV/us CMR 250 Mbps Digital Isolator in Standard CMOS With a Small Transformer Driving Technique.
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A 280nW, 100kHz, 1-cycle start-up time, on-chip CMOS relaxation oscillator employing a feedforward period control scheme.
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A Low-IF/Zero-IF Reconfigurable Analog Baseband IC With an I/Q Imbalance Cancellation Scheme.
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High-Speed Tactile Sensing for Array-Type Tactile Sensor and Object Manipulation Based on Tactile Information.
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Fingertip force and position control using force sensor and tactile sensor for Universal Robot Hand II.
Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Workshop on Robotic Intelligence In Informationally Structured Space, 2011

Analytical Expression of Quantization Noise in Time-to-Digital Converter Based on the Fourier Series Analysis.
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A 2.1-to-2.8-GHz Low-Phase-Noise All-Digital Frequency Synthesizer With a Time-Windowed Time-to-Digital Converter.
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A 2.1-to-2.8GHz all-digital frequency synthesizer with a time-windowed TDC.
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A Widely-Tunable, Reconfigurable CMOS Analog Baseband IC for Software-Defined Radio.
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A 150 mW 8: 1 MUX and a 170 mW 1: 8 DEMUX for 2.4 gb/s optical-fiber communication systems using n-AlGaAs/i-InGaAs HJFET's.
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