Xiaowei Xu

According to our database1, Xiaowei Xu authored at least 63 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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A hybrid method for evaluating the effectiveness of giant systems with indicator correlations: an application for naval formation decision making in multiple scenarios.
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Identifying diagnosis evidence of cardiogenic stroke from Chinese echocardiograph reports.
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Understanding the emergence and development of online travel agencies: a dynamic evaluation and simulation approach.
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Evolving Metric Learning for Incremental and Decremental Features.
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Deep Learning System to Screen Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pneumonia.
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Text Embeddings for Retrieval from a Large Knowledge Base.
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A Weak Supervision-based Framework for Automatic Lung Cancer Classification on Whole Slide Image.
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CSCL: Critical Semantic-Consistent Learning for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation.
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Lifelong Metric Learning.
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A System-Level Self-Calibration Method for Installation Errors in A Dual-Axis Rotational Inertial Navigation System.
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Anomaly detection via adaptive greedy model.
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Hierarchical effects of website aesthetics on customers' intention to book on hospitality sharing economy platforms.
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MRNN: A Multi-Resolution Neural Network with Duplex Attention for Document Retrieval in the Context of Question Answering.
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On the Quantization of Cellular Neural Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems.
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A Multi-Resolution Word Embedding for Document Retrieval from Large Unstructured Knowledge Bases.
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A hybrid temporal association rules mining method for traffic congestion prediction.
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Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Attention-Based Network in 3D MRI Images.
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A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis of the Basic Theory of the Short Term Bus Passenger Flow Prediction.
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Abnormal User behaviour perception method in SDN.
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An Adaptive Parameter Choosing Approach for Regularization Model.
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Power allocation under global and individual power constraints for full-duplex relay networks.
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MDU-Net: Multi-scale Densely Connected U-Net for biomedical image segmentation.
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Developing a Chinese Food Nutrient Data Analysis System for Precise Dietary Intake Management.
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A Real-Time Professional Content Recommendation System for Healthcare Providers' Knowledge Acquisition.
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Active Lifelong Learning With "Watchdog".
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Price-only contracts with backup supply.
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A hybrid scheme for encryption and watermarking.
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