Jiang Wang

According to our database1, Jiang Wang authored at least 96 papers between 1990 and 2020.

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The role of coupling connections in a model of the cortico-basal ganglia-thalamocortical neural loop for the generation of beta oscillations.
Neural Networks, 2020

Motion Recurring Pattern Analysis: A Lossless Representation for Motion Capture Databases.
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An End-to-End Task-Simplified and Anchor-Guided Deep Learning Framework for Image-Based Head Pose Estimation.
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Integral Global Sliding Mode Guidance for Impact Angle Control.
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Experimental Study on Active Interface Debonding Detection for Rectangular Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes with Surface Wave Measurement.
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Performance in Solar Orientation Determination for Regular Pyramid Sun Sensors.
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Methods for Assessing and Optimizing Solar Orientation by Non-Planar Sensor Arrays.
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Interfacial Debonding Detection for Rectangular CFST Using the MASW Method and Its Physical Mechanism Analysis at the Meso-Level.
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Dynamic Portfolio Execution.
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RC-DARTS: Resource Constrained Differentiable Architecture Search.
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Adversarial Examples Improve Image Recognition.
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Resource Scheduling for Delay Minimization in Multi-Server Cellular Edge Computing Systems.
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Non-Stationary Representation for Continuity Aware Head Pose Estimation Via Deep Neural Decision Trees.
IEEE Access, 2019

NOTE-RCNN: NOise Tolerant Ensemble RCNN for Semi-Supervised Object Detection.
Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision, 2019

A Robust Adaptive Method Based on ESO for Trajectory Tracking of Robot Manipulator.
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Sparse Gradient Compression for Distributed SGD.
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Unified Performance Analysis of Transmit Antenna Selection With OSTBC and Imperfect CSI Over Nakagami- m Fading Channels.
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A Limb-Based Graphical Model for Human Pose Estimation.
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Flux-Charge Analysis of Initial State-Dependent Dynamical Behaviors of a Memristor Emulator-Based Chua's Circuit.
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Machine Learning of coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics Force Fields.
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Training Generative Adversarial Networks via Primal-Dual subgradient Methods: a Lagrangian Perspective on GaN.
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Statistical Analysis of Path Losses for Sectorized Wireless Networks.
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Market selection.
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A novel sliding mode guidance law without line-of-sight angular rate information accounting for autopilot lag.
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Coexisting Behaviors of Asymmetric Attractors in Hyperbolic-Type Memristor based Hopfield Neural Network.
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Harmonious coexistence solution between stand-alone LTE and WiFi in unlicensed band.
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Kernel Pooling for Convolutional Neural Networks.
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Human Action Segmentation using 3D Fully Convolutional Network.
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Localizing by Describing: Attribute-Guided Attention Localization for Fine-Grained Recognition.
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sRNATarBase 3.0: an updated database for sRNA-target interactions in bacteria.
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Three-dimensional multivariable integrated guidance and control design for maneuvering targets interception.
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ROI extraction based on visual salience and visual evaluation.
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Fully Convolutional Attention Localization Networks: Efficient Attention Localization for Fine-Grained Recognition.
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Software Defined Mobile Network for Flexible Deployments of Various IoT Applications.
Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems, 2016

Internet Usage, High-Tech Talent and Location Choice: Evidence from Chinese ICT Investments in the United States.
Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering, 2016

Disturbance observer-based robust integrated guidance and control design for tactical missiles.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation, 2016

Energy saving of base stations sleep scheduling for multi-hop vehicular networks.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2016

Joint User Attributes and Item Category in Factor Models for Rating Prediction.
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Autonomous spacecraft rendezvous with finite time convergence.
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Distributed weighted sum-rate maximization with multi-cell uplink-downlink throughput duality.
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ABC-CNN: An Attention Based Convolutional Neural Network for Visual Question Answering.
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Learning Like a Child: Fast Novel Visual Concept Learning from Sentence Descriptions of Images.
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On energy efficiency of the nearest-neighbor cooperative communication in heterogeneous networks.
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Structured Mechanical Collage.
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HyperCheck: A Hardware-AssistedIntegrity Monitor.
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Noise-tolerance community detection and evolution in dynamic social networks.
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Cooperative distributed optimization for the hyper-dense small cell deployment.
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An Eigen-based motion retrieval method for real-time animation.
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Research on event-based update of spatial-temporal information of multisource sensor.
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Poster: A multi-path routing algorithm for deep space communication.
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Fairness Guaranteed Cooperative Resource Allocation in Femtocell Networks.
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An FPGA-Based Platform for a Network Architecture with Delay Guarantee.
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Collaboration oriented 3D video encoding approach for the distributed multimedia plays.
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A Distributed Synchronization Algorithm for Femtocells Network.
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A Robust Watermarking Algorithm for 2D CAD Engineering Graphics Based on DCT and Chaos System.
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Adaptive Web Services Composition Using Q-Learning in Cloud.
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Multi-objective Optimization Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Point-to-Weight Method.
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Visual Tracking via Locality Sensitive Histograms.
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Bootstrapping active name disambiguation with crowdsourcing.
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Feedback-driven multiclass active learning for data streams.
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McPAO: A Distributed Multi-channel Power Allocation and Optimization Algorithm for Femtocells.
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Research on auditory BCI based on wavelet transform.
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GA-SVM based feature selection and parameters optimization for BCI research.
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Characteristics extraction and analysis on the electrical signals of spinal dorsal root nerve evoked by acupuncture manipulations.
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On the shiftability of dual-tree complex a globally optimal bilinear programming approach to the design of approximate hilbert pairs of orthonormal wavelet bases.
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A simulation model for nucleosome distribution in the yeast genome based on integrated cross-platform positioning datasets.
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HyperCheck: A Hardware-Assisted Integrity Monitor.
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A Virtualization Architecture for In-Depth Kernel Isolation.
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SafeFox: A Safe Lightweight Virtual Browsing Environment.
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Insights into the combinatorial effects of histone modifications in yeast using association rule mining.
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L1 adaptive controller for time-varying reference systems in the presence of unmodeled nonlinear dynamics.
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Web Canary: A Virtualized Web Browser to Support Large-Scale Silent Collaboration in Detecting Malicious Web Sites.
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Intelligent Excitation for Adaptive Control With Unknown Parameters in Reference Input.
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Decomposed Software Pipelining: A New Approach to Exploit Instruction Level Parallelism for Loop Programs.
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