Xiaoyu Zhou

Orcid: 0000-0002-9261-8208

According to our database1, Xiaoyu Zhou authored at least 76 papers between 2009 and 2024.

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Adversarial Defense Embedded Waveform Design for Reliable Communication in the Physical Layer.
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GAN-Based Siamese Neuron Network for Modulation Classification Against White-Box Adversarial Attacks.
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GALA3D: Towards Text-to-3D Complex Scene Generation via Layout-guided Generative Gaussian Splatting.
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Replenishment Policy with Limited Price Information.
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An adaptive data hiding for AMBTC compressed images with recoverability using bound shifting technique.
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Reversible demosaiced image authentication scheme with recoverability using clustering and matching techniques.
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FedBKD: Heterogenous Federated Learning via Bidirectional Knowledge Distillation for Modulation Classification in IoT-Edge System.
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AVoiD-DF: Audio-Visual Joint Learning for Detecting Deepfake.
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Modeling and modal analysis of the structure of long-span transmission tower.
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DrivingGaussian: Composite Gaussian Splatting for Surrounding Dynamic Autonomous Driving Scenes.
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PET Tracer Conversion among Brain PET via Variable Augmented Invertible Network.
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A Data Hiding Scheme for JPEG Images Based on EMD with Coefficient Selection Strategy.
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Can A Gaming Experience Like This Continue the Enthusiasmor Online Participation in Environmental Conservation Projects for Good?
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Research on Innovation Drive and High-Quality Development of Henan Province Based on Coupling Coordination Model.
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Prior-weighted support matrix machine for mine gearbox fault diagnosis under mislabeled data.
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Mutant Reduction Evaluation: What is There and What is Missing?
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Electromagnetic Spectrum Allocation Method for Multi-Service Irregular Frequency-Using Devices in the Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network.
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Structural Synthesis of PLC Program for Real-Time Specification Patterns.
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MAVT-FG: Multimodal Audio-Visual Transformer for Weakly-supervised Fine-Grained Recognition.
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Characterizing urban expansion pattern to understand urban form dynamics based on Google Earth Engine platform.
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Deep Neural Network Based on Convolution Factor Decomposition for Wireless Signal Modulation Recognition.
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Interspaces Between Nature and the City.
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Automatic Modulation Classification Based on Deep Residual Networks With Multimodal Information.
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SVG-Loop: Semantic-Visual-Geometric Information-Based Loop Closure Detection.
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Structure aware 3D single object tracking of point cloud.
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Mutant reduction evaluation: what is there and what is missing?
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An AMBTC Authentication Scheme With Recoverability Using Matrix Encoding and Side Match.
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Capability Analysis Method for Electromagnetic Spectrum.
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Implementation Method and Accuracy Analysis of Variable Baseline Binocular Camera Based on Multiple Micro-satellites.
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Search-based Kinodynamic Motion Planning for Omnidirectional Quadruped Robots.
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Joint Adaptive Coding and Reversible Data Hiding for AMBTC Compressed Images.
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Detectability Improved Tamper Detection Scheme for Absolute Moment Block Truncation Coding Compressed Images.
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