Ye Zhou

According to our database1, Ye Zhou authored at least 21 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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PhD thesis 




Hybrid Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for online guidance and navigation with partial observability.
Neurocomputing, 2019

Chameleon: towards adaptive honeypot for internet of things.
Proceedings of the ACM Turing Celebration Conference - China, 2019

A Novel Part-Based Model for Fine-Grained Vehicle Recognition.
Proceedings of the Cloud Computing and Security - 4th International Conference, 2018

Population Density-Based Hospital Recommendation with Mobile LBS Big Data.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing, 2018

Optimization of Grover's Algorithm Simulation Based on Cloud Computing.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning - IDEAL 2017 - 18th International Conference, Guilin, China, October 30, 2017

Joint Image and Text Representation for Aesthetics Analysis.
Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on Multimedia Conference, 2016

A conceptual framework for the design of geo-dynamics visualization.
Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Geoinformatics, 2015

Incremental Re-Embedding Scheme for Evolving Virtual Network Requests.
IEEE Communications Letters, 2013

A Coherent Assessment of Visual Ergonomics in Flight Deck Impacted by Color and Luminance.
Proceedings of the Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics. Applications and Services, 2013

The Glare Evaluation Method Using Digital Camera for Civil Airplane Flight Deck.
Proceedings of the Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics. Applications and Services, 2013

Database Size Estimation by Query Performance - A Complexity Aspect.
Proceedings of the IEEE Fifth International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing, 2012

Game Theory Based Bandwidth Allocation Scheme for Network Virtualization.
Proceedings of the Global Communications Conference, 2010

Prediction of chaotic time series of neural network and an improved algorithm.
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications, 2010

Causality interfaces for actor networks.
ACM Trans. Embedded Comput. Syst., 2008

Vision implants: An electrical device will bring light to the blind.
Science in China Series F: Information Sciences, 2008

A causality interface for deadlock analysis in dataflow.
Proceedings of the 6th ACM & IEEE International conference on Embedded software, 2006

Segmentation of petrographic images by integrating edge detection and region growing.
Computers & Geosciences, 2004

VT at TREC-2003: The Web Track Report.
Proceedings of The Twelfth Text REtrieval Conference, 2003

Ranking Function Discovery by Genetic Programming for Robust Retrieval.
Proceedings of The Twelfth Text REtrieval Conference, 2003

Java MARIAN: From an OPAC to a Modern Digital Library System.
Proceedings of the String Processing and Information Retrieval, 2002

Adaptive Thresholding to Eliminate up to 99% of Wavelet Coefficients.
Proceedings of the ISCA 17th International Conference Computers and Their Applications, 2002