Young-Hwan Park

According to our database1, Young-Hwan Park authored at least 22 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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Measurement of Mechanical and Thermal Strains by Optical FBG Sensors Embedded in CFRP Rod.
J. Sensors, 2019

Microarchitecture-Level SoC Design.
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Estimation of Prestress Force Distribution in Multi-Strand System of Prestressed Concrete Structures Using Field Data Measured by Electromagnetic Sensor.
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Programmable multimedia platform based on reconfigurable processor for 8K UHD TV.
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A Sensor-Type PC Strand with an Embedded FBG Sensor for Monitoring Prestress Forces.
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Estimation of Prestress Force Distribution in the Multi-Strand System of Prestressed Concrete Structures.
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Flexible video processing platform for 8K UHD TV.
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Scalable radio processor architecture for modern wireless communications.
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Software-defined DVT-T2 demodulator using scalable DSP processors.
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Multiscale Structural Health Monitoring of Cable-Anchorage System Using Piezoelectric PZT Sensors.
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Long-Term Vibration Monitoring of Cable-Stayed Bridge Using Wireless Sensor Network.
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Software-defined DVB-T2 receiver using coarse-grained reconfigurable array processors.
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