Yufeng Yao

According to our database1, Yufeng Yao authored at least 25 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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Assistive Grasping Based on Laser-point Detection with Application to Wheelchair-mounted Robotic Arms.
Sensors, 2019

Scalable generation of large-scale unstructured meshes by a novel domain decomposition approach.
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Cross-layering IPv6 fast handover in IEEE 802.16.
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Ensemble-empirical-mode-decomposition based micro-Doppler signal separation and classification.
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Tetrahedral mesh improvement by shell transformation.
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WMRA skill learning through segmentation of demonstration.
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Addressing With an Improved DAD for 6LoWPAN.
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Mobility Management for Delay-Sensitive Urban Vehicular Networks.
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Location-based address configuration for 6LoWPAN wireless sensor networks.
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Mobility support for IPv6-based VANET.
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Location-based mobility support for 6LoWPAN wireless sensor networks.
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Semi-automatic Labeling with Active Learning for Multi-label Image Classification.
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Immune Centroids Over-Sampling Method for Multi-Class Classification.
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Best First Over-Sampling for Multilabel Classification.
Proceedings of the 24th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2015

Bond-graph model of a piezostack driven jetting dispenser.
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An address configuration protocol for 6LoWPAN wireless sensor networks based on PDAD.
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A 6-bit 2 GS/s ADC in 65 nm CMOS.
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Optimal multi-degree reduction of Bézier curves with geometric constraints.
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Design and analysis of a piezostack driven jetting dispenser for high viscosity adhesives.
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A 6-bit 1GS/s DAC using an area efficient switching scheme for gradient-error tolerance.
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Sensor Robot Planning in Incomplete Environment.
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Research on preparation device for washing red cell.
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A Case of Parallel EEG Data Processing upon a Beowulf Cluster.
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Numerical visualization of vortex flow behavior in square jets in cross-flow.
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Strategic planning in fractional aircraft ownership programs.
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