Andrei Sharf

According to our database1, Andrei Sharf authored at least 48 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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Multi-modal 3D Shape Reconstruction Under Calibration Uncertainty using Parametric Level Set Methods.
CoRR, 2019

A Non-linear Differential CNN-Rendering Module for 3D Data Enhancement.
CoRR, 2019

Classification of gait anomalies from kinect.
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Sketching in Gestalt Space: Interactive Shape Abstraction through Perceptual Reasoning.
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Active Assembly Guidance with Online Video Parsing.
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4D Reconstruction of Blooming Flowers.
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Printable 3D Trees.
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A Survey of Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds.
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Tree Modeling with Real Tree-Parts Examples.
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Printed Perforated Lampshades for Continuous Projective Images.
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Full 3D Plant Reconstruction via Intrusive Acquisition.
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Mobility Fitting using 4D RANSAC.
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ShapeExplorer: Querying and Exploring Shapes using Visual Knowledge.
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ShapeLearner: Towards Shape-Based Visual Knowledge Harvesting.
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Printed Perforated Lampshades for Continuous Projective Images.
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Proactive 3D scanning of inaccessible parts.
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Build-to-last: strength to weight 3D printed objects.
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Mobility-Trees for Indoor Scenes Manipulation.
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2D-D Lifting for Shape Reconstruction.
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3D Motion Completion in Crowded Scenes.
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State of the Art in Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds.
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Non-realistic 3D object stylization.
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Interactive Learning for Point-Cloud Motion Segmentation.
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A search-classify approach for cluttered indoor scene understanding.
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Grammar-based 3D facade segmentation and reconstruction.
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Foreword to special section.
Computers & Graphics, 2012

Conjoining Gestalt rules for abstraction of architectural drawings.
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Structure-preserving retargeting of irregular 3D architecture.
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GlobFit: consistently fitting primitives by discovering global relations.
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2D-3D fusion for layer decomposition of urban facades.
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Non-local scan consolidation for 3D urban scenes.
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SmartBoxes for interactive urban reconstruction.
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l1-Sparse reconstruction of sharp point set surfaces.
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Consensus Skeleton for Non-rigid Space-time Registration.
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Real-time parallel hashing on the GPU.
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Rotating Scans for Systematic Error Removal.
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Feature-driven deformation for dense correspondence.
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Space-time surface reconstruction using incompressible flow.
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Interactive topology-aware surface reconstruction.
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On-the-fly Curve-skeleton Computation for 3D Shapes.
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SnapPaste: an interactive technique for easy mesh composition.
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