Guofeng Wang

According to our database1, Guofeng Wang authored at least 40 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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PhD thesis 




Automated Demand Response Framework in ELNs: Decentralized Scheduling and Smart Contract.
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A new tool wear monitoring method based on multi-scale PCA.
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Adaptive course control based on trajectory linearization control for unmanned surface vehicle with unmodeled dynamics and input saturation.
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A Decentralized Energy Flow Control Framework for Regional Energy Internet.
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Robust Adaptive Trajectory Linearization Control for Tracking Control of Surface Vessels With Modeling Uncertainties Under Input Saturation.
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Modeling and Identification for Vector Propulsion of an Unmanned Surface Vehicle: Three Degrees of Freedom Model and Response Model.
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IDCrypt: A Multi-User Searchable Symmetric Encryption Scheme for Cloud Applications.
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Leakage Models and Inference Attacks on Searchable Encryption for Cyber-Physical Social Systems.
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Collision Avoidance of Podded Propulsion Unmanned Surface Vehicle With COLREGs Compliance and Its Modeling and Identification.
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Active Assembly Guidance with Online Video Parsing.
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Computing a hierarchy favored optimal route in a Voronoi-based road network with multiple levels of detail.
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Dynamic collision avoidance for car-like mobile robot based on nonlinear trajectory tracking control.
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Revisiting the Practicality of Search on Encrypted Data: From the Security Broker's Perspective.
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Continuous Indoor Positioning Fusing WiFi, Smartphone Sensors and Landmarks.
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Carrying Position Independent User Heading Estimation for Indoor Pedestrian Navigation with Smartphones.
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Vehicles detection using GF-2 imagery based on watershed image segmentation.
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Automatic extraction of road regions of interest(ROI) from very high resolution remote sensing images.
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Design of a heterogeneous marsupial robotic system composed of an USV and an UAV.
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Global optimal searching for textureless 3D object tracking.
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Visual Tracking via Sparse and Local Linear Coding.
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Heading Estimation for Indoor Pedestrian Navigation Using a Smartphone in the Pocket.
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Force Sensor Based Tool Condition Monitoring Using a Heterogeneous Ensemble Learning Model.
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Vibration Sensor-Based Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Ellipsoid-ARTMAP and Differential Evolution Algorithms.
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Online incremental learning for tool condition classification using modified Fuzzy ARTMAP network.
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Tool wear monitoring based on cointegration modelling of multisensory information.
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Force based tool wear monitoring system for milling process based on relevance vector machine.
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An integrated control simulation system of ship motion and main propulsion.
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Transparency and Semantics Coexist: When Malware Analysis Meets the Hardware Assisted Virtualization.
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Development of a distributed bearing health monitoring and assessing system.
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Control, 2004