Xueying Qin

According to our database1, Xueying Qin authored at least 69 papers between 1998 and 2020.

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Achieving high-performance the functional way: a functional pearl on expressing high-performance optimizations as rewrite strategies.
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An Occlusion-aware Edge-Based Method for Monocular 3D Object Tracking using Edge Confidence.
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GazeCorrection: Self-Guided Eye Manipulation in the wild using Self-Supervised Generative Adversarial Networks.
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6DoF Pose Estimation with Object Cutout based on a Deep Autoencoder.
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Modeling deviations of rgb-d cameras for accurate depth map and color image registration.
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Accurate and fast 3D head pose estimation with noisy RGBD images.
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Sparsely Grouped Multi-task Generative Adversarial Networks for Facial Attribute Manipulation.
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Sparsely Grouped Multi-Task Generative Adversarial Networks for Facial Attribute Manipulation.
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Action recognition based on global optimal similarity measuring.
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Accurate 3D Head Pose Estimation with noisy RGBD images.
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Enlarging Image by Constrained Least Square Approach with Shape Preserving.
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Depth map enhancement based on color and depth consistency.
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Estimation of Kinect depth confidence through self-training.
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Online robust action recognition based on a hierarchical model.
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Slippage-free background replacement for hand-held video.
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Basis image decomposition of outdoor time-lapse videos.
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Cylindrical panoramic mosaicing from a pipeline video through MRF based optimization.
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A Local Behavior Model for Small Pedestrian Groups.
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Creating Cylindrical Panoramic Mosaic from a Pipeline Video.
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