Gang Jin

According to our database1, Gang Jin authored at least 30 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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A Fractional-<i>N</i> PLL With Space-Time Averaging for Quantization Noise Reduction.
IEEE J. Solid State Circuits, 2020

The design of large image rejection and wideband CMOS active polyphase filter for BeiDou RF receiver.
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Fusion of Near-Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy for In-Line Measurement of Component Content of Molten Polymer Blends.
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A 2.4-GHz ΔΣ Fractional-N Synthesizer with Space-Time Averaging for Noise Reduction.
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Dynamic modeling and stability analysis for the combined milling system with variable pitch cutter and spindle speed variation.
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基于机器学习的目标跟踪算法研究综述 (Survey of Target Tracking Algorithms Based on Machine Learning).
计算机科学, 2016

A novel CMOS active polyphase filter with wideband and low-power for GNSS receiver.
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Sparse Representation for Infrared Dim Target Detection via a Discriminative Over-Complete Dictionary Learned Online.
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Subthreshold behavior models for short-channel junctionless tri-material cylindrical surrounding-gate MOSFET.
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Fire Hazard Location Algorithm for Large Place Based on Wireless Sensor Network.
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A 48-dB precise decibel linear programmable gain amplifier for GNSS receivers.
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A stable and two-step settling digital controlled AGC loop for GNSS receiver.
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Genomic and Functional Analysis of the Toxic Effect of Tachyplesin I on the Embryonic Development of Zebrafish.
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De Novo Gene Expression Analysis to Assess the Therapeutic and Toxic Effect of Tachyplesin I on Human Glioblastoma Cell Lines.
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A Nonlinear Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm Based on Least Squares Support Vector Regression.
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64Kb logic RRAM chip resisting physical and side-channel attacks for encryption keys storage.
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Variation-tolerant Cu<sub>x</sub>Si<sub>y</sub>O-based RRAM for low power application.
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Analytical threshold voltage model for cylindrical surrounding-gate MOSFET with electrically induced source/drain extensions.
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A 3D RRAM Using a Stackable Multi-Layer 1TXR Cell.
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Multiple Strategies for NTCIR-8 Patent Mining at BCMI.
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The Research of Mixed Programming Auto-Focus Based on Image Processing.
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A New Description Language for Data-Driven Asynchronous Circuits and its Design Flow.
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The Design of Asynchronous Microprocessor Based on Optimized NCL_X Design-Flow.
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Variable Step Size Algorithm for Blind Source Separation Using a Combination of Two Adaptive Separation Systems.
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An Optimal Design Method for De-synchronous Circuit Based on Control Graph.
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Frequency domain system identification for controlled civil engineering structures.
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Nonlinear blackbox modeling of MR-dampers for civil structural control.
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