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According to our database1, Zhuo Yang authored at least 78 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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Machine Learning Enhanced Spectrum Recognition Based on Computer Vision (SRCV) for Intelligent NMR Data Extraction.
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From Scan Strategy to Melt Pool Prediction: A Neighboring-Effect Modeling Method.
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Characterizing the Evasion Attackability of Multi-label Classifiers.
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Detail-preserving smoke simulation using an efficient high-order numerical scheme.
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Customizable GAN: A Method for Image Synthesis of Human Controllable.
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Enhancing MIMO Antenna Isolation Characteristic by Manipulating the Propagation of Surface Wave.
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GPU Accelerated Polar Harmonic Transforms for Feature Extraction in ITS Applications.
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BLAC: A Named Entity Recognition Model Incorporating Part-of-Speech Attention in Irregular Short Text.
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Customizable GAN: Customizable Image Synthesis Based on Adversarial Learning.
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LPI-Net: Lightweight Inpainting Network with Pyramidal Hierarchy.
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An Inverter with Large Fault-tolerant Space for Battery Storage in Islanded Microgrid.
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PAVE: Personalized Academic Venue recommendation Exploiting co-publication networks.
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Augmented virtual stiffness rendering of a cable-driven SEA for human-robot interaction.
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Application of Multiple-Population Genetic Algorithm in Optimizing the Train-Set Circulation Plan Problem.
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Neural Oscillations as a Bridge Between GABAergic System and Emotional Behaviors.
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The Valuation of Carbon Bonds Linked with Carbon Price.
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Realization and experimental test of a body weight support unit for simultaneous position tracking and gravity offloading.
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Cooperative driving model for non-signalized intersections based on reduplicate dynamic game.
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