Guangxia Li

According to our database1, Guangxia Li authored at least 42 papers between 2010 and 2018.

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Twitter Microblog Sentiment Analysis.
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Optimal Power Control in Cognitive Satellite Terrestrial Networks With Imperfect Channel State Information.
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Reputation Propagation for Web Service Composition: A Shapley Value Approach.
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Thresholded Smoothed ℓ0 Norm for Accelerated Sparse Recovery.
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Research on weak navigation signal acquisition technique via frequency stability transfer.
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Predicting Home and Work Locations Using Public Transport Smart Card Data by Spectral Analysis.
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iVizTRANS: Interactive visual learning for home and work place detection from massive public transportation data.
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Performance Analysis of Orthogonal Coded Modulation Based on 6PSK and BPSK in Alerting Channel for GEO Mobile Satellite System.
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Micro-blogging Sentiment Detection by Collaborative Online Learning.
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Fast and Simple Super Resolution for Range Data.
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