Xiaowen Wang

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According to our database1, Xiaowen Wang authored at least 99 papers between 1999 and 2024.

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Effect of carbon reduction policies on economic growth from a dual carbon perspective.
Energy Inform., December, 2024

Correction: Mapping Insights from News Articles to Tackle Low Birth Rate and Parenthood in Finland.
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Mapping Insights from News Articles to Tackle Low Birth Rate and Parenthood in Finland.
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Designing lightweight small object detection models using attention and context.
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MCDAN: A Multi-Scale Context-Enhanced Dynamic Attention Network for Diffusion Prediction.
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Leveraging Knowledge Graph Reasoning in a Multihop Question Answering System for Hot Rolling Line Fault Diagnosis.
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Magnetically Controlled Millipede Inspired Soft Robot for Releasing Drugs on Target Area in Stomach.
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Predicting anticancer synergistic drug combinations based on multi-task learning.
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Optimal Pair Selection Applied to Sentinel-2 Images for Mapping Ground Deformation Using Pixel Offset Tracking: A Case Study of the 2022 Menyuan Earthquake (Mw 6.9), China.
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Semi-supervised heterogeneous graph contrastive learning for drug-target interaction prediction.
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EZ-InSAR: An easy-to-use open-source toolbox for mapping ground surface deformation using satellite interferometric synthetic aperture radar.
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An Innovative Approach for Effective Removal of Thin Clouds in Optical Images Using Convolutional Matting Model.
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BGET: A Blockchain-Based Grouping-EigenTrust Reputation Management Approach for P2P Networks.
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Thaw Settlement Monitoring and Active Layer Thickness Retrieval Using Time Series COSMO-SkyMed Imagery in Iqaluit Airport.
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Randomness analysis of end-to-end delay in random forwarding networks.
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Distributed constrained consensus for discrete multi-agent systems with additive noises.
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PRODeepSyn: predicting anticancer synergistic drug combinations by embedding cell lines with protein-protein interaction network.
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A new algorithm for landslide dynamic monitoring with high temporal resolution by Kalman filter integration of multiplatform time-series InSAR processing.
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Infrared dim and small target detection based on total variation and multiple noise constraints modeling.
Proceedings of the IPMV 2022: 4th International Conference on Image Processing and Machine Vision, Hong Kong, SAR, China, March 25, 2022

Impact of cross-border e-commerce on China's aquatic product export.
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on E-business, Management and Economics, 2022

Parenthood Mining Using Hashtag Social Network Mining Approach.
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Active and Passive Expressions of Tolerance: A Semantic Analysis of the Near-Synonyms ren3 and shou4 Based on MARVS Theory.
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From Complex Emotion Words to Insomnia and Mental Health: A Corpus-Based Analysis of the Online Psychological Consultation Discourse About Insomnia Problems in Chinese.
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