Dongsuk Shin

According to our database1, Dongsuk Shin authored at least 17 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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2.4 A 7nm High-Performance and Energy-Efficient Mobile Application Processor with Tri-Cluster CPUs and a Sparsity-Aware NPU.
Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE International Solid- State Circuits Conference, 2020

Erratum: Energy-efficient heterogeneous memory system for mobile platforms [IEICE Electronics Express Vol. 14 (2017) No. 24 pp. 20171002].
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Bandwidth-aware DRAM page migration for heterogeneous mobile memory systems.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, 2018

Energy-efficient heterogeneous memory system for mobile platforms.
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A 3.57 Gb/s/pin Low Jitter All-Digital DLL With Dual DCC Circuit for GDDR3 DRAM in 54-nm CMOS Technology.
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Frequency-independent fast-lock register-controlled DLL with wide-range duty cycle adjuster.
Proceedings of the Annual IEEE International SoC Conference, SoCC 2010, 2010

A Low-Jitter Open-Loop All-Digital Clock Generator With Two-Cycle Lock-Time.
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A 7 ps Jitter 0.053 mm<sup>2</sup> Fast Lock All-Digital DLL With a Wide Range and High Resolution DCC.
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Coverage expandable current type code controlled DCC with TDC-based range selector.
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A Fast-lock Synchronous Multi-phase Clock Generator based on a Time-to-digital Converter.
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A 4-bit 2GSamples/s parallel Flash ADC using comb-type reference ladder.
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Wide frequency range duty cycle correction circuit for DDR interface.
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A 0.1-to-1.5GHz 4.2mW All-Digital DLL with Dual Duty-Cycle Correction Circuit and Update Gear Circuit for DRAM in 66nm CMOS Technology.
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A 0.17-1.4GHz low-jitter all digital DLL with TDC-based DCC using pulse width detection scheme.
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A 7ps-Jitter 0.053mm2 Fast-Lock ADDLL with Wide-Range and High-Resolution All-Digital DCC.
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A Low-Jitter Open-Loop All-Digital Clock Generator with 2 Cycle Lock-Time.
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A New Energy x Delay-Aware Flip-Flop.
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