Jingjing Guo

According to our database1, Jingjing Guo authored at least 38 papers between 2009 and 2020.

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Blockchain Enabled Trust-Based Location Privacy Protection Scheme in VANET.
IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, 2020

Search within or beyond the industrial cluster? The effect of perceived competition and knowledge base tacitness on strategic location choices of external knowledge search.
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On-demand resource provision based on load estimation and service expenditure in edge cloud environment.
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Workload forecasting based elastic resource management in edge cloud.
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Points-of-Interest Recommendation Algorithm Based on LBSN in Edge Computing Environment.
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Soft and Stretchable Polymeric Optical Waveguide-Based Sensors for Wearable and Biomedical Applications.
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Fingerprint Protected Password Authentication Protocol.
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An Application Oriented Scan-to-BIM Framework.
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An efficient privacy-preserving friendship-based recommendation system.
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LBOA: Location-Based Secure Outsourced Aggregation in IoT.
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Efficient Privacy-Preserving Access Control of Mobile Multimedia Data in Cloud Computing.
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An Analytical Gate Delay Model in Near/Subthreshold Domain Considering Process Variation.
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Accurate and Efficient Interdependent Timing Model for Flip-Flop in Wide Voltage Region.
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A Statistical Timing Model for Low Voltage Design Considering Process Variation.
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Fine-Grained Label Learning via Siamese Network for Cross-modal Information Retrieval.
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2D-Convolution Based Feature Fusion for Cross-Modal Correlation Learning.
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A Statistical Current and Delay Model Based on Log-Skew-Normal Distribution for Low Voltage Region.
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Data-Driven Dynamic Modeling of the Acetylene Hydrogenation Process based on Nonlinear Slow Feature Analysis.
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LIP-PA: A Logistics Information Privacy Protection Scheme with Position and Attribute-Based Access Control on Mobile Devices.
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Trust-based service composition and selection in service oriented architecture.
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The impact of knowledge attributes on technological learning routine within industrial clusters.
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A Situational Awareness Trust Evolution Model for Mobile Devices in D2D Communication.
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Analytical inverter chain's delay and its variation model for sub-threshold circuits.
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Security Analysis of "PSLP: Privacy-Preserving Single-Layer Perceptron Learning for e-Healthcare".
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Reconstruction methodology for rational secret sharing based on mechanism design.
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Flexible Positioning of Source-Detector Arrays in 3D Visualization Platform for Monte Carlo Simulation of Light Propagation.
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Analytical hold timing fixing for sub-threshold circuit based on its lognormal distribution.
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Reputation Propagation for Web Service Composition: A Shapley Value Approach.
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A review of Mobile Commerce consumers' behaviour research: consumer acceptance, loyalty and continuance (2000-2009).
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Development of Fatigue Driving Detection Method Based on Fuzzy Control Logic.
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