Hongyu Zhang

According to our database1, Hongyu Zhang authored at least 59 papers between 2003 and 2020.

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Solar power station site selection: A model based on data analysis and MCGDM considering expert consensus.
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Language Modelling for Source Code with Transformer-XL.
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Multi-criteria outranking method based on probability distribution with probabilistic linguistic information.
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Subnetwork identification and chemical modulation for neural regeneration: A study combining network guided forest and heat diffusion model.
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基于用户潜在特征的社交网络好友推荐方法 (Friend Recommendation Method Based on Users' Latent Features in Social Networks).
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Acquire the Preferred Position in a Team.
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Recent advances in short reach systems.
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基于深度图像的多学习者姿态识别 (Depth Image Based Gesture Recognition for Multiple Learners).
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Discrete Fresnel Transform and Its Circular Convolution.
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A systems chemical biology approach to identify targets of antibacterial agents: A case study of Chelerythrine and Rhein.
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Novel Isoniazid- and Ethionamide-resistance loci in mycobacterium tuberculosis identified by phenome-wide association scans.
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256 Gb/s PM-16-QAM quasi-single-mode transmission over 2600 km using few-mode fiber with multi-path interference compensation.
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Task-Oriented Design Method and Experimental Research of Six-Component Force Sensor.
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