Isidore Rigoutsos

According to our database1, Isidore Rigoutsos authored at least 38 papers between 1986 and 2018.

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MINTbase v2.0: a comprehensive database for tRNA-derived fragments that includes nuclear and mitochondrial fragments from all The Cancer Genome Atlas projects.
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Threshold-seq: a tool for determining the threshold in short RNA-seq datasets.
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Interactive exploration of RNA22 microRNA target predictions.
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Anchoring millions of distinct reads on the human genome within seconds.
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Alu and B1 Repeats Have Been Selectively Retained in the Upstream and Intronic Regions of Genes of Specific Functional Classes.
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Of parts and relationships: an unending quest.
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Two-Dimensional Affine Invariants that Distribute Uniformly and can be Tuned to any Convex Feature Domain.
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