Jiahui Li

According to our database1, Jiahui Li authored at least 45 papers between 2014 and 2021.

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On finite-horizon H∞ state estimation for discrete-time delayed memristive neural networks under stochastic communication protocol.
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Adaptive Pilot Allocation for Multi-Cell Massive MIMO Systems.
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Partial-Neurons-Based Passivity-Guaranteed State Estimation for Neural Networks With Randomly Occurring Time Delays.
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A Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge.
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Delay-distribution-dependent state estimation for neural networks under stochastic communication protocol with uncertain transition probabilities.
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3DStructGen: an interactive web-based 3D structure generation for non-periodic molecule and crystal.
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PeNGaRoo, a combined gradient boosting and ensemble learning framework for predicting non-classical secreted proteins.
Bioinform., 2020

Fast Accurate Beam and Channel Tracking for Two-Dimensional Phased Antenna Arrays.
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IBDA: Improved Binary Dragonfly Algorithm With Evolutionary Population Dynamics and Adaptive Crossover for Feature Selection.
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Agent-Based Decentralized Grid Model.
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Bio-Inspired Feature Selection: An Improved Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Approach.
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Research and Evaluation on Beam Scheduling Algorithm based on Hybrid Beamforming in Millimeter Wave.
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Synthesizing data for text recognition with style transfer.
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DLIGAND2: an improved knowledge-based energy function for protein-ligand interactions using the distance-scaled, finite, ideal-gas reference state.
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The first-principle calculation method for thermal structure stability analysis based on the simulation and sensing on cohesive energy.
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Bastion3: a two-layer ensemble predictor of type III secreted effectors.
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Signet Ring Cell Detection with a Semi-supervised Learning Framework.
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Accurate Nuclear Segmentation with Center Vector Encoding.
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Design of the Test Fixture for High Speed Connectors.
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Influential Attribute Community Search.
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Inventory Cost Control Model for Fresh Product Retailers Based on DQN.
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Protocol-based state estimation for delayed Markovian jumping neural networks.
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Coastal Zone Classification Based on Multisource Remote Sensing Imagery Fusion.
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HHVSF: A Framework to Accelerate Drug-Based High-Throughput Virtual Screening on High-Performance Computers.
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State estimation for delayed Markovian jumping neural networks over sensor nonlinearities and disturbances.
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