Huaxi Gu

According to our database1, Huaxi Gu authored at least 118 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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An efficient shortest path algorithm for content-based routing on 2-D mesh accelerator networks.
Future Gener. Comput. Syst., 2021

RSS: a relay-based schedule scheme for optical data center network.
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Optimizing energy and spectrum efficiency of virtual optical network embedding in elastic optical networks.
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A Reliability-Aware Joint Design Method of Application Mapping and Wavelength Assignment for WDM-Based Silicon Photonic Interconnects on Chip.
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2D-HRA: Two-Dimensional Hierarchical Ring-Based All-Reduce Algorithm in Large-Scale Distributed Machine Learning.
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An Optimized Low-Power Optical Memory Access Network for Kilocore Systems.
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Layout optimization methodology for ring-based on-chip optical network.
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$Deep-Full-Range$ : A Deep Learning Based Network Encrypted Traffic Classification and Intrusion Detection Framework.
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Petascale: A Scalable Buffer-Less All-Optical Network for Cloud Computing Data Center.
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Energy Efficient Virtual Machine Placement With an Improved Ant Colony Optimization Over Data Center Networks.
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A Novel Laser Source Supply Scheme for Optical Network on Chip.
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A Virtual Machine Placement Algorithm Combining NSGA-II and Bin-Packing Heuristic.
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A joint optimization method for NoC topology generation.
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An Optimization Algorithm to Build Low Congestion Multi-Ring Topology for Optical Network-on-Chip.
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Waffle: A New Photonic Plasmonic Router for Optical Network on Chip.
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NEST: Towards Extreme Scale Computing Systems.
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WOAGA: A new metaheuristic mapping algorithm for large-scale mesh-based NoC.
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Temperature-dependent characterizations on parasitic capacitance of tapered through silicon via (T-TSV).
IEICE Electron. Express, 2018

A Thermal-Aware Power Allocation Method for Optical Network-on-Chip.
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Energy-Aware on-chip virtual machine placement for cloud-supported cyber-physical systems.
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3D network-on-chip design for embedded ubiquitous computing systems.
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Dual priority congestion aware shared-resource Network-on-Chip architecture.
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On the design of a 3D optical interconnected memory system.
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H-cluster: a hybrid architecture for three-dimensional many-core chips.
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A 3D topology based-on partial overlapped clusters for NoC.
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A high image rejection SiGe low noise amplifier using passive notch filter.
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A CMOS OTA with extremely large DC open-loop voltage gain.
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A bufferless optical network-on-chip router.
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A low-jitter pulsewidth control loop with high supply noise rejection.
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A new stereo enhancement circuit for class-D amplifier.
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3D Networks-on-Chip mapping targeting minimum signal TSVs.
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Ultra Linear Modulator with High Output RF Gain Using a 1×2 MMI Coupler.
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A CMOS 4.6ppm/°C curvature-compensated bandgap voltage reference.
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