Sanjay Gupta

According to our database1, Sanjay Gupta authored at least 45 papers between 1991 and 2019.

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Design of porous titanium scaffold for complete mandibular reconstruction: The influence of pore architecture parameters.
Comp. in Bio. and Med., 2019

Combination of nuclear NF-κB/p65 localization and gland morphological features from surgical specimens appears to be predictive of early biochemical recurrence in prostate cancer patients.
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Collaborating around Digital Tabletops: Children's Physical Strategies from India, the UK and Finland.
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Mechanobiological simulations of peri-acetabular bone ingrowth: a comparative analysis of cell-phenotype specific and phenomenological algorithms.
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A combined neural network and genetic algorithm based approach for optimally designed femoral implant having improved primary stability.
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Putative drug targets in Rhizopus oryzae: in-silico insight.
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Dynamic Spatial Positioning: Physical Collaboration around Interactive Table by Children in India.
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HIstome - a relational knowledgebase of human histone proteins and histone modifying enzymes.
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Group interaction on interactive multi-touch tables by children in India.
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Early Experience Using an Online Reporting System for Interventional Radiology Procedure-Related Complications Integrated with a Digital Dictation System.
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Genome-Wide Comparative in silico Analysis of Calcium Transporters of Rice and Sorghum.
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Communication clothing design.
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Modified Isochronous Coordination Function for Enhancement of VoIP Call Capacity over IEEE 802.11 WLAN.
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Tutorial T7B: RF Analysis and Simulation with Focus on RF SiP Methodology.
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Verification of the cell broadband engineTM processor.
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Key features of the design methodology enabling a multi-core SoC implementation of a first-generation CELL processor.
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Modified Least Load Multicast Routings for Single Rate Fully-Connected Loss Networks.
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Determinism, Nondeterminism, Alternation, and Counting.
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Quantum Neural Networks.
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Book Review: Theories of Computability by Nicholas Pippenger (Cambridge University Press 1997).
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Isolating an Odd Number of Elements and Applications in Complexity Theory.
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Performance modeling of asynchronous data transfer methods of IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol.
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Editorial: Error Control in Wireless Packet Networks.
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Error Control Schemes for Networks: An Overview.
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Forward error correction and design of spread spectrum based multiple access networks.
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Built-In Self-Test for Multi-Port RAMs.
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Performance of asynchronous data transfer methods of IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol.
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Arithmetic Additive Generators of Pseudo-Exhaustive Test Patterns.
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DP-BIST: A Built-In Self Test For DSP DataPaths A Low Overhead and High Fault Coverage Technique.
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Test pattern generation based on arithmetic operations.
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On Routing in ATM Networks.
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On the Closure of Certain Function Classes Under Integer Division by Polynomially-Bounded Functions.
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Performance modeling of heterogeneous data networks.
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Performance of FDDI Under Overload.
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Performance Modeling and Optimization of Networks of Bridged LANs.
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Performance Modeling and Optimization of Interconnected Ethernets.
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The Power of Witness Reduction.
Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Structure in Complexity Theory Conference, Chicago, Illinois, USA, June 30, 1991