H. Peter Hofstee

  • TU Delft, The Netherlands
  • IBM Research Austin, TX, USA

According to our database1, H. Peter Hofstee authored at least 71 papers between 1990 and 2022.

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Benchmarking Apache Arrow Flight - A wire-speed protocol for data transfer, querying and microservices.
CoRR, 2022

Generating High-Performance FPGA Accelerator Designs for Big Data Analytics with Fletcher and Apache Arrow.
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Tydi: An Open Specification for Complex Data Structures Over Hardware Streams.
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Optimizing performance of GATK workflows using Apache Arrow In-Memory data framework.
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REAF: Reducing Approximation of Channels by Reducing Feature Reuse Within Convolution.
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ThymesisFlow: A Software-Defined, HW/SW co-Designed Interconnect Stack for Rack-Scale Memory Disaggregation.
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Refine and Recycle: A Method to Increase Decompression Parallelism.
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RAW 2016 Keynotes.
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Rome Reborn.
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