Wenting Wang

According to our database1, Wenting Wang authored at least 66 papers between 2007 and 2022.

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Pilot contamination suppression method for massive MIMO system based on ant colony optimization.
Wirel. Networks, 2022

How Do Open Source Software Contributors Perceive and Address Usability?: Valued Factors, Practices, and Challenges.
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Adaptive observer-based attack location and defense strategy in smart grid.
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Mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effects of Qingfeiyin in treating acute lung injury based on GEO datasets, network pharmacology and molecular docking.
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Multiscale Convolutional Attention Network for Predicting Remaining Useful Life of Machinery.
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Edge-Based Sampling for Complex Network with Self-Similar Structure.
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Incorporating Load Fluctuation in Feature Importance Profile Clustering for Day-Ahead Aggregated Residential Load Forecasting.
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An Analytical Framework to Control the Synchronization on Networks.
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Relational Reflection Entity Alignment.
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The Opinion Dynamics on the Evolving Complex Network by Achlioptas Process.
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Combined Probability Prediction of Wind Power Considering the Conflict of Evaluation Indicators.
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Neural Network-Based Deep Encoding for Mixed-Attribute Data Classification.
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Role-based Static Desensitization Protection Method.
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Hierarchical Intention Enhanced Network for Automatic Dialogue Coherence Assessment.
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Usability of Virtual Reality Application Through the Lens of the User Community: A Case Study.
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Scaling up Open Tagging from Tens to Thousands: Comprehension Empowered Attribute Value Extraction from Product Title.
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Black-box Expectation Propagation for Bayesian Models.
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Palm Vein Recognition with Deep Hashing Network.
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Towards a One-stop Solution to Both Aspect Extraction and Sentiment Analysis Tasks with Neural Multi-task Learning.
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Morphus: Supporting Online Reconfigurations in Sharded NoSQL Systems.
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A spatial calibration method for satellite-derived precipitation estimates over China.
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