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According to our database1, Yi Tang authored at least 118 papers between 1986 and 2020.

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Privacy preservation for machine learning training and classification based on homomorphic encryption schemes.
Inf. Sci., 2020

Continuous LWE.
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Incorporating Gas Pipeline Leakage Failure Modes in Risk Evaluation of Electricity-Gas Integrated Energy Systems.
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Analysis of the Impact of Combined Information-Physical-Failure on Distribution Network CPS.
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An Integrated Model-Driven and Data-Driven Method for On-Line Prediction of Transient Stability of Power System With Wind Power Generation.
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Complex Fault Source Identification Method for High-Voltage Trip-Offs of Wind Farms Based on SU-MRMR and PSO-SVM.
IEEE Access, 2020

Clustered Hybrid Wind Power Prediction Model Based on ARMA, PSO-SVM, and Clustering Methods.
IEEE Access, 2020

Design of a Cosimulation Platform With Hardware-in-the-Loop for Cyber-Attacks on Cyber-Physical Power Systems.
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The Shift PUF: Technique for Squaring the Machine Learning Complexity of Arbiter-based PUFs: Work-in-Progress.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Compilers, 2020

Nearly Optimal Embeddings of Flat Tori.
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Sample Essentiality and Its Application to Modeling Attacks on Arbiter PUFs.
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Rational adversary with flexible utility in secure two-party computation.
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Fast neighbor search by using revised <i>k</i>-d tree.
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A data-driven approach for online aggregated load modeling through intelligent terminals.
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Commutation Failure Prediction Method Considering Commutation Voltage Distortion and DC Current Variation.
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An Ordered Curtailment Strategy for Offshore Wind Power Under Extreme Weather Conditions Considering the Resilience of the Grid.
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A Demand Response Strategy in High Photovoltaic Penetration Power Systems Considering the Thermal Ramp Rate Limitation.
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Coordinated Control Strategy for Multi Micro Energy Systems Within Distribution Grid Considering Dynamic Characteristics and Contradictory Interests.
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Source-Load Coordinated Reserve Allocation Strategy Considering Cyber-Attack Risks.
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Early Warning Method of Transmission Tower Considering Plastic Fatigue Damage Under Typhoon Weather.
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An Accurate Forced Oscillation Location and Participation Assessment Method for DFIG Wind Turbine.
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Security Assessment for Cyber Physical Distribution Power System Under Intrusion Attacks.
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An Extended SFR Model With High Penetration Wind Power Considering Operating Regions and Wind Speed Disturbance.
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Aggregation Frequency Response Modeling for Wind Power Plants With Primary Frequency Regulation Service.
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Single-Image Super-Resolution via Multiple Matrix-Valued Kernel Regression.
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A Pruning Method Based on Feature Abstraction Capability of Filters.
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Demand-Side Management With Household Plug-In Electric Vehicles: A Bayesian Game-Theoretic Approach.
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Hetero-Manifold Regularisation for Cross-Modal Hashing.
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A new randomized Kaczmarz based kernel canonical correlation analysis algorithm with applications to information retrieval.
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Unusual News Flow and the Cross Section of Stock Returns.
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Error bound of magnitude-preserving ranking with Fredholm kernel.
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Optimized installation angle and distance of a grading channel for dried jujube fruit with a push-pull actuating mechanism.
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A Security Concern About Deep Learning Models.
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A Partial Demand Fulfilling Capacity Constrained Clustering Algorithm to Static Bike Rebalancing Problem.
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Piece-Wise Kernel Regression for Example-Based Super-Resolution.
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Generating Misleading Labels in Machine Learning Models.
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Pairwise Operator Learning for Patch-Based Single-Image Super-Resolution.
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Detection of content-aware image resizing based on Benford's law.
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A partition model and strategy based on the Stoer-Wagner algorithm for SaaS multi-tenant data.
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Dynamic Conditional Beta Is Alive and Well in the Cross Section of Daily Stock Returns.
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A low-complexity resource allocation algorithm in OFDMA-based cooperative cognitive radio networks.
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Game-Theoretic Optimization of Bilateral Contract Transaction for Generation Companies and Large Consumers with Incomplete Information.
Entropy, 2017

Prediction Model of the Power System Frequency Using a Cross-Entropy Ensemble Algorithm.
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k-out-of-n oblivious transfer protocol with security against malicious adversaries.
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Modeling and Simulation of Intelligent Substation Network Under Intrusion Attack.
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The study of the implementation and the extension of the ISO/IEEE-11073 standards.
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Private Indexes for Mixed Encrypted Databases.
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Sliding Mode MPPT Controller for Photovoltaic Systems Under Partial Shading Conditions.
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Set-based similarity learning in subspace for agricultural remote sensing classification.
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Multi-resource Allocation for Virtual Machine Placement in Video Surveillance Cloud.
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Expected Utility and Entropy-Based Decision-Making Model for Large Consumers in the Smart Grid.
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Global asymptotic stability for Nicholson's blowflies model with a nonlinear density-dependent mortality term.
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A Container Bin Packing Algorithm for Multiple Objects.
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Based on Action-Personality Data Mining, Research of Gamification Emission Reduction Mechanism and Intelligent Personalized Action Recommendation Model.
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EQPO: Obscuring Encrypted Web Traffic with Equal-Sized Pseudo-Objects.
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Simulation studies on erythrocyte passage through a bifurcating microvessel.
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Robustness of Link-prediction Algorithm Based on Similarity and Application to Biological Networks
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Indoor surveillance robot controlled by a smart phone.
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SoloTouch: A Capacitive Touch Controller with Lick-based Note Selector.
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Link Prediction in Complex Networks by Multi Degree Preferential-Attachment Indices
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How to achieve large scale solar PV penetration in China.
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Analysis of book purchasing model based on improved genetic neural network.
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Application of BP neural network to prediction of library circulation.
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Study of objective management appraisal system for the university archives-based on the Grey Clustering Algorithm and association rule.
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Immunization for complex network based on the effective degree of vertex
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Evolving network models under a dynamic growth rule
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Nano-networks have better adsorption capability than nano-rods.
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