Yumeng Wang

According to our database1, Yumeng Wang authored at least 21 papers between 2013 and 2019.

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Modeling and simulation of practical quantum secure communication network.
Quantum Information Processing, 2019

Modeling and Simulation of Practical Quantum Secure Communication Network.
CoRR, 2019

ElemCor: accurate data analysis and enrichment calculation for high-resolution LC-MS stable isotope labeling experiments.
BMC Bioinformatics, 2019

Study and Realization of Partial Fingerprint Mosaicking Technology for Mobile Devices.
Proceedings of the Biometric Recognition - 14th Chinese Conference, 2019

Tutorial on big spectrum data analytics for space information networks.
EURASIP J. Wireless Comm. and Networking, 2018

A Cylinder Code-Based Partial Fingerprint Matching Algorithm for Small Fingerprint Scanners.
Proceedings of the Biometric Recognition - 13th Chinese Conference, 2018

Encoder-decoder recurrent network model for interactive character animation generation.
The Visual Computer, 2017

Sharing behind the Scenes: Understanding User Bypassing Behavior in Sharing Economy.
Proceedings of the 25th European Conference on Information Systems, 2017

Viewpoint Estimation for Objects with Convolutional Neural Network Trained on Synthetic Images.
Proceedings of the Advances in Multimedia Information Processing - PCM 2016, 2016

SLNR-Oriented Power Control in Cognitive Radio Networks with Channel Uncertainty.
Proceedings of the Machine Learning and Intelligent Communications, 2016

A Virtual Character Learns to Defend Himself in Sword Fighting Based on Q-Network.
Proceedings of the 28th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, 2016

3D head pose estimation with convolutional neural network trained on synthetic images.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2016

A two-layer weight determination method for complex multi-attribute large-group decision-making experts in a linguistic environment.
Information Fusion, 2015

Why Do Users Abandon Online Social Network Sites? A Case Study of the Social Capital Paradox.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems, 2015

Human-Object Interaction Recognition by Modeling Context.
Proceedings of the Image and Graphics - 8th International Conference, 2015

Automatic Variable-timing Animation Transition based on Hierarchical Interpolation Method.
Proceedings of the GRAPP 2015, 2015

Two-dimensional POMDP-based opportunistic spectrum access in time-varying environment with fading channels.
Journal of Communications and Networks, 2014

Haptic Interaction with Fluid Based on Smooth Particles and Finite Elements.
Proceedings of the Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2014 - 14th International Conference, Guimarães, Portugal, June 30, 2014

The Design and Preliminary Evaluation of a Finger-Mounted Camera and Feedback System to Enable Reading of Printed Text for the Blind.
Proceedings of the Computer Vision - ECCV 2014 Workshops, 2014

A New Packet Filter Schema Based on Multi-level Signature Hash and DFA Grouping.
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security, 2014

UNOTest: An efficient traffic performance test platform in heterogeneous networks.
Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications, 2013