Yunzhi Huang

Orcid: 0000-0002-2039-6933

According to our database1, Yunzhi Huang authored at least 37 papers between 2015 and 2024.

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Robot path planning in narrow passages based on improved PRM method.
Intell. Serv. Robotics, May, 2024

Synthesis-based imaging-differentiation representation learning for multi-sequence 3D/4D MRI.
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Shape-controllable inverse kinematics of hyper-redundant robots based on the improved FABRIK method.
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Longitudinal prediction of postnatal brain magnetic resonance images via a metamorphic generative adversarial network.
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Adaptive and iterative learning control to simultaneously control end-effector force and direction by normal vectors learning.
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Learn2Reg: Comprehensive Multi-Task Medical Image Registration Challenge, Dataset and Evaluation in the Era of Deep Learning.
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Modified Dynamic Movement Primitives: Robot Trajectory Planning and Force Control Under Curved Surface Constraints.
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An Explainable Deep Framework: Towards Task-Specific Fusion for Multi-to-One MRI Synthesis.
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GSMorph: Gradient Surgery for Cine-MRI Cardiac Deformable Registration.
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Fault diagnosis and prognosis of steer-by-wire system based on finite state machine and extreme learning machine.
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Longitudinal Prediction of Postnatal Brain Magnetic Resonance Images via a Metamorphic Generative Adversarial Network.
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Dynamic Parameter Identification of Franka Robot Based on Differential Momentum Model.
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Weakly Supervised MR-TRUS Image Synthesis for Brachytherapy of Prostate Cancer.
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Localizing the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve via Ultrasound with a Bayesian Shape Framework.
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Physics Informed Reinforcement Learning for Power Grid Control using Augmented Random Search.
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Unsupervised Cross-Modality Domain Adaptation for Vestibular Schwannoma Segmentation and Koos Grade Prediction Based on Semi-supervised Contrastive Learning.
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Co-design Center for Exascale Machine Learning Technologies (ExaLearn).
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Learn2Reg: comprehensive multi-task medical image registration challenge, dataset and evaluation in the era of deep learning.
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Coordination of Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage and Building Loads: Optimization with Deep Learning Model.
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Automatic detection of intracranial aneurysm from digital subtraction angiography with cascade networks.
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Virtual surgical system in reduction of maxillary fracture.
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