Yu Gao

According to our database1, Yu Gao authored at least 117 papers between 1993 and 2021.

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Speed Ripple Reduction of Direct-Drive PMSM Servo System at Low-Speed Operation Using Virtual Cogging Torque Control Method.
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Q-Learning-Based Spectrum Access for Multimedia Transmission Over Cognitive Radio Networks.
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LncSEA: a platform for long non-coding RNA related sets and enrichment analysis.
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From freemium to premium: the roles of consumption values and game affordance.
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An IoT-Based Anti-Counterfeiting System Using Visual Features on QR Code.
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Fully Dynamic Electrical Flows: Sparse Maxflow Faster Than Goldberg-Rao.
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Animated 3D human avatars from a single image with GAN-based texture inference.
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Enhancing 4d Cardiac Mri Registration Network With A Motion Prior Learned From Coronary Cta.
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Improved Deep Distance Learning for Visual Loop Closure Detection in Smart City.
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KnockTF: a comprehensive human gene expression profile database with knockdown/knockout of transcription factors.
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Swarm intelligence algorithm for extracting spatial spectrum features of hyperspectral remote sensing image and decomposing mixed pixels.
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Research on the shared control technology for robotic wheelchairs based on topological map.
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Parallel End-to-End Autonomous Mining: An IoT-Oriented Approach.
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Reachable set bounding for a class of memristive complex-valued neural networks with disturbances.
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Blended Teaching Strategies for Art Design Major Courses in Colleges.
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A 2020 perspective on "The performance of the P2P finance industry in China".
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A Study of Performance of Optimal Transport.
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Primal-dual active set method for pricing American better-of option on two assets.
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Open-loop control of directed self-assembly of colloidal particles in a microfluidic device.
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A Method of Trajectory Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Formation Based on Fluid Dynamic Model.
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Graphene Oxide Addition With Low Fraction Improving Surface Charge Inhibition Performance of Epoxy/SiC Coating Under DC Stress.
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Flowless: Extracting Densest Subgraphs Without Flow Computations.
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Detecting cache-related bugs in Spark applications.
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GAN-Based Industrial Part Optical Image Generation Model with Controllable Constraints.
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Oscillatory Yaw Motion Control for Hydraulic Power Steering Articulated Vehicles Considering the Influence of Varying Bulk Modulus.
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Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm with Mobile Sink Support for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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An Improved Routing Schema with Special Clustering Using PSO Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network.
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Travel Route Planning with Optimal Coverage in Difficult Wireless Sensor Network Environment.
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A Hybrid Method for Mobile Agent Moving Trajectory Scheduling using ACO and PSO in WSNs.
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An intelligent data gathering schema with data fusion supported for mobile sink in wireless sensor networks.
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Deterministic Graph Cuts in Subquadratic Time: Sparse, Balanced, and k-Vertex.
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Electrical Tree in HTV Silicone Rubber With Temperature Gradient Under Repetitive Pulse Voltage.
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Efficient Second-Order Shape-Constrained Function Fitting.
Proceedings of the Algorithms and Data Structures - 16th International Symposium, 2019

3D Human Avatar Digitization from a Single Image.
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Fully dynamic spectral vertex sparsifiers and applications.
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On the Complexity of Sequence to Graph Alignment.
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Using TLA+ to Specify Leader Election of Raft Algorithm with Consideration of Leadership Transfer in Multiple Controllers.
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The performance of the P2P finance industry in China.
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Fully Dynamic Effective Resistances.
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Spectrum Mapping in Large-Scale Cognitive Radio Networks With Historical Spectrum Decision Results Learning.
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Direct Fluorination Induced Variation in Interface Discharge Behavior Between Polypropylene and Silicone Rubber Under AC Voltage.
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Trap Distribution and Dielectric Breakdown of Isotactic Polypropylene/Propylene Based Elastomer With Improved Flexibility for DC Cable Insulation.
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Improvement on Partial Discharge Resistance of Epoxy/Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> Nanocomposites by Irradiation With 7.5 MeV Electron Beam.
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Structural and Functional Abnormalities in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Focus on Subgenual Anterior Cingulate Cortex.
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How to implement secondary product innovations for the domestic market: a case from Haier washing machines.
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