Yu Qian

According to our database1, Yu Qian authored at least 75 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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End-to-End Temporal Action Detection Using Bag of Discriminant Snippets.
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Pillar Networks: Combining parametric with non-parametric methods for action recognition.
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Detecting new Chinese words from massive domain texts with word embedding.
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On detecting business event from the headlines and leads of massive online news articles.
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Improved Production Performance Through Manufacturing System Learning.
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Can Sophisticated Dispatching Strategy Acquired by Reinforcement Learning?
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Improving the Annotation of DeepFashion Images for Fine-grained Attribute Recognition.
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Statistical Identification of Parameters for Damaged FGM Structures with Material Uncertainties in Thermal Environment.
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Pillar Networks++: Distributed non-parametric deep and wide networks.
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Large-scale image analysis using docker sandboxing.
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Pillar Networks for action recognition.
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Algorithmic clothing: hybrid recommendation, from street-style-to-shop.
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Cell type discovery and representation in the era of high-content single cell phenotyping.
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Boosting Nonparametric Policies.
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Comparative study of coal, natural gas, and coke-oven gas based methanol to olefins processes in China.
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Simulation and assessment of an integrated acid gas removal process with higher CO2 capture rate.
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Identifying disease associated genes by network propagation.
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From Trajectories to Path Network: An Endpoints-Based GPS Trajectory Partition and Clustering Framework.
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Towards Summarizing Popular Information from Massive Tourism Blogs.
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3D CBIR with sparse coding for image-guided neurosurgery.
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GenePattern Flow Cytometry Suite.
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Spiral Dynamics in Excitable Medium induced by External periodic Modulation.
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TabuVis: A tool for visual analytics multidimensional datasets.
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