Jia-Jing Chen

According to our database1, Jia-Jing Chen authored at least 8 papers between 2018 and 2020.

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A Twin-8T SRAM Computation-in-Memory Unit-Macro for Multibit CNN-Based AI Edge Processors.
IEEE J. Solid State Circuits, 2020

A 4-Kb 1-to-8-bit Configurable 6T SRAM-Based Computation-in-Memory Unit-Macro for CNN-Based AI Edge Processors.
IEEE J. Solid State Circuits, 2020

A Dual-Split 6T SRAM-Based Computing-in-Memory Unit-Macro With Fully Parallel Product-Sum Operation for Binarized DNN Edge Processors.
IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. I Regul. Pap., 2019

A 5.1pJ/Neuron 127.3us/Inference RNN-based Speech Recognition Processor using 16 Computing-in-Memory SRAM Macros in 65nm CMOS.
Proceedings of the 2019 Symposium on VLSI Circuits, Kyoto, Japan, June 9-14, 2019, 2019

A Twin-8T SRAM Computation-In-Memory Macro for Multiple-Bit CNN-Based Machine Learning.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Solid- State Circuits Conference, 2019

A 55nm 1-to-8 bit Configurable 6T SRAM based Computing-in-Memory Unit-Macro for CNN-based AI Edge Processors.
Proceedings of the IEEE Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference, 2019

A 65nm 4Kb algorithm-dependent computing-in-memory SRAM unit-macro with 2.3ns and 55.8TOPS/W fully parallel product-sum operation for binary DNN edge processors.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, 2018

Parallelizing SRAM arrays with customized bit-cell for binary neural networks.
Proceedings of the 55th Annual Design Automation Conference, 2018