Minghui Sun

According to our database1, Minghui Sun authored at least 26 papers between 2010 and 2019.

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Structure Learning of Bayesian Network Based on Adaptive Thresholding.
Entropy, 2019

Discriminative Structure Learning of Bayesian Network Classifiers from Training Dataset and Testing Instance.
Entropy, 2019

Structure Extension of Tree-Augmented Naive Bayes.
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Correct-by-construction: a contract-based semi-automated requirement decomposition process.
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"Watch Your Step": Precise Obstacle Detection and Navigation for Mobile Users Through Their Mobile Service.
IEEE Access, 2019

Robust Structure Learning of Bayesian Network by Identifying Significant Dependencies.
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Model Matching: A Novel Framework to use Clustering Strategy to Solve the Classification Problem.
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A study of IP-based vehicular gateway with IPv6.
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Efficient Heuristics for Structure Learning of k-Dependence Bayesian Classifier.
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Investigating the effects of vibrotactile feedback on human performance in navigation tasks.
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Using improved particle swarm optimization to tune PID controllers in cooperative collision avoidance systems.
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Label-Driven Learning Framework: Towards More Accurate Bayesian Network Classifiers through Discrimination of High-Confidence Labels.
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Foreword to the Special Section on the International Conference on E-Learning and Games 2016 (Edutainment '16).
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Risk assessment model based on multi-agent systems for complex product design.
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General and Local: Averaged k-Dependence Bayesian Classifiers.
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A new methodology to support group decision-making for IoT-based emergency response systems.
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An Investigation Into the Relationship Between Texture and Human Performance in Steering and Gesture Input Tasks.
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How to Mine Information from Each Instance to Extract anAbbreviated and Credible Logical Rule.
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The impact of candidate display styles for Japanese and Chinese characters on input efficiency.
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Adaptive User-Centered Design for Safety and Comfort of Physical Human Nursing - Care Robot Interaction.
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Development and application of intelligent system modeling and simulation platform.
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An investigation of the relationship between texture and human performance in steering tasks.
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Investigating the effects of multimodal feedback through tracking state in pen-based interfaces.
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Towards future VLSI interconnects using aligned carbon nanotubes.
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