Soumya Banerjee

According to our database1, Soumya Banerjee authored at least 72 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Exploring Scope of Computational Intelligence in IoT Security Paradigm.
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Lymph node inspired computing: immune system inspired architectures for human-engineered complex systems.
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A computational framework to find novel therapeutics for autoimmunity.
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A computational technique to estimate within-host productively infected cell lifetimes in emerging viral infections.
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A computational technique to estimate within-host productively infected cell lifetimes in emerging viral infections.
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Exploring the Cognitive Psychology Paradigm of a Programming Language and Identification of Emotion under Collective Intelligence: An Experience with an Ant Colony Metaphor.
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On the conditions of guaranteed k-fault tolerant systems supporting on-the-fly repairs.
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An improvement of chaos-based hash function in cryptanalysis approach: An experience with chaotic neural networks and semi-collision attack.
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Decentralized self-balancing systems.
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