Xiao Xu

According to our database1, Xiao Xu authored at least 65 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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A feasible density peaks clustering algorithm with a merging strategy.
Soft Comput., 2019

NFRR: A Novel Family Relationship Recognition Algorithm Based on Telecom Social Network Spectrum.
IEICE Transactions, 2019

Inpatient2Vec: Medical Representation Learning for Inpatients.
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OpenMP parallel implementation of stiffly stable time-stepping projection/GMRES(ILU(0)) implicit simulation of incompressible fluid flows on shared-memory, multicore architecture.
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Improved Polar SCL Decoding by Exploiting the Error Correction Capability of CRC.
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Optimized Operation of Hybrid System Integrated With MHP, PV and PHS Considering Generation/Load Similarity.
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Locally adaptive multiple kernel k-means algorithm based on shared nearest neighbors.
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An improved density peaks clustering algorithm with fast finding cluster centers.
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A parallelized hybrid N-S/DSMC-IP approach based on adaptive structured/unstructured overlapping grids for hypersonic transitional flows.
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Face liveness detection scheme with static and dynamic features.
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First Order Alternation.
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Multi-Armed Bandits on Unit Interval Graphs.
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High Performance Short Polar Codes: A Concatenation Scheme Using Spinal Codes as the Outer Code.
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Reliability enhancement of zinc oxide varistors using sputtered silver electrodes.
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Job recommendation with Hawkes process: an effective solution for RecSys Challenge 2016.
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A Novel Locally Multiple Kernel k-means Based on Similarity.
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The SWOT Analysis of the Wearable Devices in Smart Health Applications.
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Summarizing patient daily activities for clinical pathway mining.
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Entropy Change during Martensitic Transformation in Ni50-xCoxMn50-yAly Metamagnetic Shape Memory Alloys.
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A 2.5-GHz band low-voltage high efficiency class-E power amplifier IC with body effect.
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Vehicles Congestion Control in Transport Networks Using an Adaptive Weight Model.
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Live Face Detection by Combining the Fourier Statistics and LBP.
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A Pose Robust Face Recognition Approach by Combining PCA-ASIFT and SSIM.
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An algorithm for target cell selection based on cells' location relationship and coverage scope in LTE system.
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