Xinguo Liu

According to our database1, Xinguo Liu authored at least 72 papers between 2000 and 2021.

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Superpixel alpha-expansion and normal adjustment for stereo matching.
J. Vis. Commun. Image Represent., 2021

Mutation-Induced Impacts on the Switch Transformations of the GDP- and GTP-Bound K-Ras: Insights from Multiple Replica Gaussian Accelerated Molecular Dynamics and Free Energy Analysis.
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Deep3DPose: Realtime Reconstruction of Arbitrarily Posed Human Bodies from Single RGB Images.
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A Method for Real-Time Patient Positioning Verification in Radiotherapy Using Multi-Angular Images with Conventional Video Cameras.
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Deep Data Source Fusion with Bias-Undoing for Lung Adenocarcinoma Classification.
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3D hypothesis clustering for cross-view matching in multi-person motion capture.
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Multi-Person Pose Estimation Using Bounding Box Constraint and LSTM.
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Mapping Impervious Surfaces in Town-Rural Transition Belts Using China's GF-2 Imagery and Object-Based Deep CNNs.
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A fast and efficient 3D reflection symmetry detector based on neural networks.
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Efficient <i>L</i><sub>0</sub> resampling of point sets.
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Bottom-up Pose Estimation of Multiple Person with Bounding Box Constraint.
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Geometric Primitives Based RGB-D SLAM for Low-texture Environment.
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A matrix sampling-and-recovery approach for many-lights rendering.
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3D gradient enhancement.
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SCAPE-based human performance reconstruction.
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Interactive shape co-segmentation via label propagation.
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Feature-preserving filtering with L<sub>0</sub> gradient minimization.
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QR code embellishment with background facial image embedding.
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A Divide-and-Conquer Approach to Quad Remeshing.
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Unsupervised co-segmentation of 3D shapes via affinity aggregation spectral clustering.
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Render synthetic fog into interior and exterior photographs.
Proceedings of the 12th ACM International Conference on Virtual Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry, 2013

A divide-and-conquer approach to large scene reconstruction with interactive scene analysis and segmentation.
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A Unified Spectral Embedding for Shape Correspondence.
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High Quality Binocular Facial Performance Capture from Partially Blurred Image Sequence.
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Video-driven state-aware facial animation.
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A Memory-Efficient KinectFusion Using Octree.
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Image re-targeting with balanced energy map and foreground constraint.
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SAH KD-Tree Construction on GPU.
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Structure Preserving Mesh Parameterization.
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A wave-based anisotropic quadrangulation method.
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A computational analysis of the binding model of MDM2 with inhibitors.
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A unified shape editing framework based on tetrahedral control mesh.
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Rigidity Constraints for Large Mesh Deformation.
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Packet-based Hierarchal Soft Shadow Mapping.
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Locally Developable Constraint for Document Surface Reconstruction.
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Mesh Deformation.
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Caustic spot light for rendering caustics.
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Spectral quadrangulation with orientation and alignment control.
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Lighting and material of <i>Halo 3</i>.
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A note on backward errors for Toeplitz systems.
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Heavy-ion conformal irradiation in the shallow-seated tumor therapy terminal at HIRFL.
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Digital Differential Geometry Processing.
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An efficient large deformation method using domain decomposition.
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Large mesh deformation using the volumetric graph Laplacian.
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Computing Variation Modes for Point Set Surfaces.
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Clustering method for fast deformation with constraints.
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BRDC: binary representation of displacement code for line.
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