Yoshihiro Oyama

According to our database1, Yoshihiro Oyama authored at least 37 papers between 1997 and 2019.

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How Does Malware Use RDTSC? A Study on Operations Executed by Malware with CPU Cycle Measurement.
Proceedings of the Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment, 2019

Trends of anti-analysis operations of malwares observed in API call logs.
J. Computer Virology and Hacking Techniques, 2018

Investigation of the Diverse Sleep Behavior of Malware.
JIP, 2018

Skipping Sleeps in Dynamic Analysis of Multithreaded Malware.
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing, 2018

Malware Analysis of Imaged Binary Samples by Convolutional Neural Network with Attention Mechanism.
Proceedings of the Eighth ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy, 2018

Grammar Compression of Call Traces in Dynamic Malware Analysis.
JIP, 2017

Malware Analysis of Imaged Binary Samples by Convolutional Neural Network with Attention Mechanism.
Proceedings of the 10th ACM Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Security, 2017

Experimental analysis of operating system jitter caused by page reclaim.
The Journal of Supercomputing, 2016

Implementation of a deduplication cache mechanism using content-defined chunking.
IJHPCN, 2016

Checkpointing an Operating System Using a Parapass-through Hypervisor.
JIP, 2015

Process recovery by rollback and input modification.
IJCNDS, 2015

RDMA-Based Cooperative Caching for a Distributed File System.
Proceedings of the 21st IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2015

RDMA-Based Direct Transfer of File Data to Remote Page Cache.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, 2015

Reduction of operating system jitter caused by page reclaim.
Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers, 2014

ADvisor: A Hypervisor for Displaying Images on a Desktop.
Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Computing and Networking, 2014

Optimizing Local File Accesses for FUSE-Based Distributed Storage.
Proceedings of the 2012 SC Companion: High Performance Computing, 2012

Detecting malware signatures in a thin hypervisor.
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Controlling the speed of virtual time for malware deactivation.
Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems, 2012

A Hypervisor for Injecting Scenario-Based Attack Effects.
Proceedings of the 35th Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2011

Load-based covert channels between Xen virtual machines.
Proceedings of the 2010 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), 2010

Using a Hypervisor to Migrate Running Operating Systems to Secure Virtual Machines.
Proceedings of the 34th Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2010

BitVisor: a thin hypervisor for enforcing i/o device security.
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments, 2009

Kenro: a virtual machine monitor mostly described in Haskell.
Proceedings of the 2009 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), 2009

Malware analysis system using process-level virtualization.
Proceedings of the 14th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2009), 2009

Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection System Sharing Normal Behavior Databases among Different Machines.
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Control of system calls from outside of virtual machines.
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A Sandbox with a Dynamic Policy Based on Execution Contexts of Applications.
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A Virtual Machine Migration System Based on a CPU Emulator.
Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Virtualization Technology in Distributed Computing, 2006

Protecting Web Servers from Octopus Attacks.
Proceedings of the 2006 International Symposium on Applications and the Internet (SAINT 2006), 2006

K-Interleaving Rendezvous Overlay Network Construction Scheme.
Proceedings of the 5th Annual IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science (ICIS 2006) and 1st IEEE/ACIS International Workshop on Component-Based Software Engineering, 2006

Speculative Security Checks in Sandboxing Systems.
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Anomaly Detection Using Layered Networks Based on Eigen Co-occurrence Matrix.
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MobileScope: A Programming Language with Objective Mobility.
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SoftwarePot: An Encapsulated Transferable File System for Secure Software Circulation.
Proceedings of the Software Security -- Theories and Systems, 2002

Fusion of Concurrent Invocations of Exclusive Methods.
Proceedings of the Parallel Computing Technologies, 2001

Online Computation of Critical Paths for Multithreaded Languages.
Proceedings of the Parallel and Distributed Processing, 2000

An Efficient Compilation Framework for Languages Based on a Concurrent Process Calculus.
Proceedings of the Euro-Par '97 Parallel Processing, 1997