Yufeng Li

According to our database1, Yufeng Li authored at least 52 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Improved Low-Power Cost-Effective DCT Implementation Based on Markov Random Field and Stochastic Logic.
IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol., 2020

A Grey Target Group Decision Method with Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Information considering Decision-Maker's Loss Aversion.
Sci. Program., 2020

ιDOT: a DOT calculus with object initialization.
Proc. ACM Program. Lang., 2020

Space-time adaptive processing anti-jamming algorithm for navigation receiver.
Int. J. Secur. Networks, 2020

A Reliable Physical Layer Authentication Algorithm for Massive IoT Systems.
IEEE Access, 2020

An End-to-End System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Haze Removal Algorithm Using Convolution Neural Network.
IEEE Access, 2020

8-bit Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator for Face Recognition.
Proceedings of the 11th IEEE Annual Ubiquitous Computing, 2020

TEADS: A Defense-aware Framework for Synthesizing Transient Execution Attacks.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Trust, 2020

A Review of Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound for Therapeutic Applications.
IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., 2019

An Optimization Method for Intrusion Detection Classification Model Based on Deep Belief Network.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Novel Software-Defined Convolutional Neural Networks Accelerator.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Backdoor Attack Against LSTM-Based Text Classification Systems.
IEEE Access, 2019

DIN: A Bio-Inspired Distributed Intelligence Networking.
Proceedings of the Network and Parallel Computing, 2019

Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation of Multiple Lumbosacral Structures on CT.
Proceedings of the Computational Methods and Clinical Applications for Spine Imaging, 2019

Identity authentication on mobile devices using face verification and ID image recognition.
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Information Technology and Quantitative Management, 2019

Feedback-Based Low-Power Soft-Error-Tolerant Design for Dual-Modular Redundancy.
IEEE Trans. Very Large Scale Integr. Syst., 2018

Spectrally Compatible Waveform Design for MIMO Radar in the Presence of Multiple Targets.
IEEE Trans. Signal Process., 2018

Investigating image stitching for action recognition.
Multim. Tools Appl., 2018

Low-Power Noise-Immune Nanoscale Circuit Design Using Coding-Based Partial MRF Method.
IEEE J. Solid State Circuits, 2018

<i>Research Notes</i>: Distributed Shadow for Router Security Defense.
Int. J. Softw. Eng. Knowl. Eng., 2018

Deep learning based automatic segmentation of lumbosacral nerves on non-contrast CT for radiographic evaluation: a pilot study.
CoRR, 2018

Numerical Improvement for the Mechanical Performance of Bikes Based on an Intelligent PSO-ABC Algorithm and WSN Technology.
IEEE Access, 2018

QoE-Aware Intelligent Vertical Handoff Scheme Over Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks.
IEEE Access, 2018

Low Power Area-Efficient DCT Implementation Based on Markov Random Field-Stochastic Logic.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 2018

Spectrally Compatible Waveform Design for MIMO Radar With Transmit Beampattern Formation.
Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, 2018

Design of A Novel Wearable LIPUS Treatment Device for Mental Health Treatment.
Proceedings of the 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2018

Motion vector recovery for video error concealment based on the plane fitting.
Multim. Tools Appl., 2017

Spatial Error Concealment Algorithm Based on Adaptive Edge Threshold and Directional Weight.
Int. J. Pattern Recognit. Artif. Intell., 2017

Supply voltage analysis for MRF circuits design based on information theory.
IEICE Electron. Express, 2017

Improving Peak-Wavelength Method to Measure Junction Temperature by Dual-Wavelength LEDs.
IEEE Access, 2017

A novel 2D DOA estimation via tensor modeling for cylindrical conformal array.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Wireless Communications and Signal Processing, 2017

Power Control Based Broadcast Packet Retransmission Collision Reduction Method in a Wireless Self-Organization Network.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications and 2017 IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Communications (ISPA/IUCC), 2017

Transfer useful knowledge for headpose estimation from low resolution images.
Multim. Tools Appl., 2016

A RARE Algorithm for 2D DOA Estimation Based on Nested Array in Massive MIMO System.
IEEE Access, 2016

Perceptual Issues of a Passive Haptics Feedback Based MR System.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, 2016

热红外与可见光视频融合的运动目标检测 (Moving Target Detection Using Fusion of Visual and Thermal Video).
计算机科学, 2015

Face Recognition Based GLOH Descriptor and Integration of Local Features.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Internet Multimedia Computing and Service, 2014

Projector-Screen Matching Image Generation Technology for Spatial Augmented Reality.
Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics, 2013

Investigation of Shift Dependency Effects on Multiresolution-Based Image Fusion Performance.
J. Softw., 2011

Design of Koji Making Disc Machine Control System in Soy Sauce.
Proceedings of the Applied Informatics and Communication - International Conference, 2011

A Novel Wipe Transition Detection Method Based on Multi-Feature.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2010

Dynamic Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Resolution of Overlapping Chromatograms.
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Natural Computation, 2009

Study on Image Classification based on SVM and the Fusion of Multiple Features.
Proceedings of the ICEIS 2009, 2009

A Novel Shot Detection Algorithm Based on Information Theory.
Proceedings of the PACIIA 2008, 2008

Compensation Buffer Sizing for Providing User-Level QoS Guarantee of Media Flows.
Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2008

A Forwarding Approach for Routers Supporting PIM-SM in the IPv6 Networks.
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Design and Buffer Sizing of TCAM-Based Pipelined Forwarding Engines.
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Evaluating IPv6 on a large-scale network.
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Analysis of the Centralized Algorithm and the Distributed Algorithm for Parallel Packet Switch.
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Hardware-and-Software-Based Security Architecture for Broadband Router (Short Paper).
Proceedings of the Information and Communications Security, 8th International Conference, 2006

A measurement study of network efficiency for TWAREN IPv6 backbone.
Int. J. Netw. Manag., 2005

CMSM - A Closed Multi-Source IP Multicast Protocol.
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT 2005), 2005