Ali Ibrahim

According to our database1, Ali Ibrahim authored at least 38 papers between 1999 and 2018.

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Real-Time Embedded Machine Learning for Tensorial Tactile Data Processing.
IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, 2018

Analysis of the degradation mechanisms occurring in the topside interconnections of IGBT power devices during power cycling.
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Selected Articles from the NGCAS 2017 Conference.
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Low Power Approximate Multipliers for Energy Efficient Data Processing.
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An Energy Efficient E-Skin Embedded System for Real-Time Tactile Data Decoding.
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Experimental characterization of dedicated front-end electronics for piezoelectric tactile sensing arrays.
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Inexact Arithmetic Circuits for Energy Efficient IoT Sensors Data Processing.
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Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Based on FPGAs for Electronic Skin Implementation.
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Approximate Multipliers Based on Inexact Adders for Energy Efficient Data Processing.
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Energy Efficient System for Tactile Data Decoding Using an Ultra-Low Power Parallel Platform.
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Interface Circuits Based on FPGA for Tactile Sensor Systems.
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Approximate FPGA Implementation of CORDIC for Tactile Data Processing Using Speculative Adders.
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Distributed Sensing and Stimulation Systems for Sense of Touch Restoration in Prosthetics.
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Electronic skin and electrocutaneous stimulation to restore the sense of touch in hand prosthetics.
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Resiliency in nanometer CMOS systems: An overview.
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Detection of Bearing Damage Using Stator Current, and Voltage to Cancel Electrical Noise.
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