Cheng Zhao

According to our database1, Cheng Zhao authored at least 122 papers between 1992 and 2023.

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Efficiency Optimization and Power Allocation of Omnidirectional Wireless Power Transfer for Multiple Receivers.
IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron., October, 2023

Statistical evaluation of multiple interpolation techniques for spatial mapping of highly variable geotechnical facets of soil in natural deposition.
Earth Sci. Informatics, March, 2023

On PID Control Theory for Nonaffine Uncertain Stochastic Systems.
J. Syst. Sci. Complex., February, 2023

Multi-scale enhanced graph convolutional network for mild cognitive impairment detection.
Pattern Recognit., 2023

A cross-site comparison of online review manipulation using Benford's law.
Electron. Commer. Res., 2023

Tracking performance of PID for nonlinear stochastic systems.
CoRR, 2023

Fast Correlation Function Calculator - A high-performance pair counting toolkit.
CoRR, 2023

An Optimized Carrier Phase-Shifted Modulation Strategy for Cuk PV Inverter.
IEEE Access, 2023

EventPoint: Self-Supervised Interest Point Detection and Description for Event-based Camera.
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, 2023

Comparative Investigation on Paralleling Suitability for SiC MOSFETs and SiC/Si Cascode Devices.
IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron., 2022

GCN-based stock relations analysis for stock market prediction.
PeerJ Comput. Sci., 2022

IFT-Net: Interactive Fusion Transformer Network for Quantitative Analysis of Pediatric Echocardiography.
Medical Image Anal., 2022

Diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder via spatial similarity-aware learning and fused deep polynomial network.
Medical Image Anal., 2022

On the maxima of motzkin-straus programs and cliques of graphs.
J. Glob. Optim., 2022

Financial Market Correlation Analysis and Stock Selection Application Based on TCN-Deep Clustering.
Future Internet, 2022

Understanding the Capability of PD Control for Uncertain Stochastic Systems.
CoRR, 2022

3D ToF LiDAR in Mobile Robotics: A Review.
CoRR, 2022

Secure and resource-efficient communications for telemedicine systems.
Comput. Electr. Eng., 2022

Self-supervised multi-modal fusion network for multi-modal thyroid ultrasound image diagnosis.
Comput. Biol. Medicine, 2022

Effectively predicting HIV-1 protease cleavage sites by using an ensemble learning approach.
BMC Bioinform., 2022

Towards a theoretical foundation of PID control for uncertain nonlinear systems.
Autom., 2022

Visual SLAM Based on Semantic Segmentation and Geometric Constraints for Dynamic Indoor Environments.
IEEE Access, 2022

USPoint: Self-Supervised Interest Point Detection and Description for Ultrasound-Probe Motion Estimation During Fine-Adjustment Standard Fetal Plane Finding.
Proceedings of the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2022, 2022

VAAC: V-value Attention Actor-Critic for Cooperative Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning.
Proceedings of the Neural Information Processing - 29th International Conference, 2022

Efficient Double Oracle for Extensive-Form Two-Player Zero-Sum Games.
Proceedings of the Neural Information Processing - 29th International Conference, 2022

VEFNet: an Event-RGB Cross Modality Fusion Network for Visual Place Recognition.
Proceedings of the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2022

Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems by Extended PID.
IEEE Trans. Autom. Control., 2021

On Integrating Uncertainty Estimator Into PI Control for a Class of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems.
IEEE Trans. Autom. Control., 2021

Medical image fusion method based on dense block and deep convolutional generative adversarial network.
Neural Comput. Appl., 2021

Dual attention enhancement feature fusion network for segmentation and quantitative analysis of paediatric echocardiography.
Medical Image Anal., 2021

Control of nonlinear uncertain systems by extended PID with differential trackers.
Commun. Inf. Syst., 2021

PID control of uncertain nonlinear stochastic systems with state observer.
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Multi-scale wavelet network algorithm for pediatric echocardiographic segmentation via hierarchical feature guided fusion.
Appl. Soft Comput., 2021

Multi-directional Attention Network for Segmentation of Pediatric Echocardiographic.
Proceedings of the Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision - 4th Chinese Conference, 2021

Visual-Assisted Probe Movement Guidance for Obstetric Ultrasound Scanning Using Landmark Retrieval.
Proceedings of the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2021 - 24th International Conference, Strasbourg, France, September 27, 2021

Multi-scale Wavelet Network Algorithm for Pediatric Echocardiographic Segmentation via Feature Fusion.
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Monocular Teach-and-Repeat Navigation using a Deep Steering Network with Scale Estimation.
Proceedings of the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2021

Robust and Long-term Monocular Teach and Repeat Navigation using a Single-experience Map.
Proceedings of the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2021

NDT-Transformer: Large-Scale 3D Point Cloud Localisation using the Normal Distribution Transform Representation.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2021

Placental Super Micro-vessels Segmentation Based on ResNeXt with Convolutional Block Attention and U-Net.
Proceedings of the 43rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society, 2021

SGC-VSLAM: A Semantic and Geometric Constraints VSLAM for Dynamic Indoor Environments.
Sensors, 2020

Generative Localization With Uncertainty Estimation Through Video-CT Data for Bronchoscopic Biopsy.
IEEE Robotics Autom. Lett., 2020

The Temperature Prediction of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Based on Proximal Policy Optimization.
Inf., 2020

Multi-Agent Data Collection and Processing based on SNMP / XML.
Int. J. Perform. Eng., 2020

Simultaneous Material Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction in Industrial Scenarios.
Frontiers Robotics AI, 2020

CATN: Cross-Domain Recommendation for Cold-Start Users via Aspect Transfer Network.
Proceedings of the 43rd International ACM SIGIR conference on research and development in Information Retrieval, 2020

Are Negative Sentiments "Negative" for Review Helpfulness?
Proceedings of the 24th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, 2020

Kaleido: An Efficient Out-of-core Graph Mining System on A Single Machine.
Proceedings of the 36th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, 2020

Learning Kalman Network: A deep monocular visual odometry for on-road driving.
Robotics Auton. Syst., 2019

Using the Area Ratio to Differentiate Between Benign and Malignant Breast Lesions: Ultrasound Strain Elastography versus Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound.
J. Medical Imaging Health Informatics, 2019

Infrared and visible image fusion method based on rolling guidance filter and NSST.
Int. J. Wavelets Multiresolution Inf. Process., 2019

Kaleido: An Efficient Out-of-core Graph Mining System on A Single Machine.
CoRR, 2019

Fusion Estimation for Discrete Time-Varying Systems With Bounded Nonlinearities.
IEEE Access, 2019

Feature-Based Fusion Adversarial Recurrent Neural Networks for Text Sentiment Classification.
IEEE Access, 2019

Non-invasive Assessment of in Vivo Auricular Cartilage by Ultra-short Echo Time (UTE) T_2^* Mapping.
Proceedings of the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2019, 2019

Recurrent Kalman Networks: Factorized Inference in High-Dimensional Deep Feature Spaces.
Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning, 2019

Cross-Domain Recommendation via Preference Propagation GraphNet.
Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2019

Research on DCT Image Compression Algorithm Based on Dynamic Energy Analysis.
Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Manufacturing, 2019

Dense RGB-D Semantic Mapping with Pixel-Voxel Neural Network.
Sensors, 2018

Second Generation Small Pixel Technology Using Hybrid Bond Stacking.
Sensors, 2018

Recurrent-OctoMap: Learning State-Based Map Refinement for Long-Term Semantic Mapping With 3-D-Lidar Data.
IEEE Robotics Autom. Lett., 2018

基于SVM分类器的XSS攻击检测技术 (XSS Attack Detection Technology Based on SVM Classifier).
计算机科学, 2018

Uncoupled PID Control of Coupled Multi-Agent Nonlinear Uncertain systems.
J. Syst. Sci. Complex., 2018

A continuous characterization of the maximum vertex-weighted clique in hypergraphs.
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Remote sensing image fusion via RPCA and adaptive PCNN in NSST domain.
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Single-channel blind source separation based on joint dictionary with common sub-dictionary.
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Recurrent-OctoMap: Learning State-based Map Refinement for Long-Term Semantic Mapping with 3D-Lidar Data.
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A multidimensional extension-based method for resource performance matching in cloud manufacturing.
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Learning Monocular Visual Odometry with Dense 3D Mapping from Dense 3D Flow.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2018

Synthetic View Generation for Absolute Pose Regression and Image Synthesis.
Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 2018, 2018

Joint throughput and transmission range optimization for triple-hop networks with cognitive relay.
Frontiers Inf. Technol. Electron. Eng., 2017

认知无线电中能效优化的子载波匹配策略 (Subcarrier Pairing Strategy for Energy Efficiency Optimization in Cognitive Radio).
计算机科学, 2017

On Motzkin-Straus type results for non-uniform hypergraphs.
J. Comb. Optim., 2017

SPP-Net: Deep Absolute Pose Regression with Synthetic Views.
CoRR, 2017

Dense RGB-D semantic mapping with Pixel-Voxel neural network.
CoRR, 2017

Weakly-supervised DCNN for RGB-D Object Recognition in Real-World Applications Which Lack Large-scale Annotated Training Data.
CoRR, 2017

PID controller design for second order nonlinear uncertain systems.
Sci. China Inf. Sci., 2017

Low Latency MPEG-DASH System Over HTTP 2.0 and WebSocket.
Proceedings of the Digital TV and Wireless Multimedia Communication, 2017

Map-Build Algorithm Based on the Relative Location of Feature Points.
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A fully end-to-end deep learning approach for real-time simultaneous 3D reconstruction and material recognition.
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A Novel Image Encryption Scheme Using the Composite Discrete Chaotic System.
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Treelet-Based Clustered Compressive Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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吞吐量最大化的二维无线能量传输算法 (Bi-dimensional Wireless Energy Transfer Algorithm for Maximum Network Throughput).
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