Jian Chang

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  • authored at least 82 papers between 2004 and 2018.
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Semantic framework for interactive animation generation and its application in virtual shadow play performance.
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A game prototype for understanding the safety issues of a lifeboat launch.
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Real-Time Calibration and Registration Method for Indoor Scene with Joint Depth and Color Camera.
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Hand gesture-based interactive puppetry system to assist storytelling for children.
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Ontology-Based Interactive Animation/Game Generation for Chinese Shadow Play Preservation.
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Game Prototype for Understanding Safety Issues of Life Boat Launching Process.
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Locomotion Skills for Insects with Sample-based Controller.
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A novel locomotion synthesis and optimisation framework for insects.
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Automatic cage construction for retargeted muscle fitting.
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Total colorings of planar graphs with maximum degree 8 and without 5-cycles with two chords.
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AS-CRED: Reputation and Alert Service for Interdomain Routing.
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Intervention Learning of Local Causal Structure Based on Sensitivity Analysis.
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Analyzing and defending against web-based malware.
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A New Multichannel Spectral Imaging Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope.
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Link spamming Wikipedia for profit.
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