Xiaoyi Wang

According to our database1, Xiaoyi Wang authored at least 110 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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Argus: Interactive a priori Power Analysis.
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Determination of Thermal Conductivities for Thin-Film Materials in CMOS MEMS Process.
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Timetable optimization of high-speed railway hub based on passenger transfer.
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Deep-Learning Prediction Model with Serial Two-Level Decomposition Based on Bayesian Optimization.
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Blockchain-Based Safety Management System for the Grain Supply Chain.
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An Action Dependent Heuristic Dynamic Programming Approach for Algal Bloom Prediction With Time-Varying Parameters.
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Event-Triggered State Estimation for Wireless Sensor Network Systems With Packet Losses and Correlated Noises.
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Design of Work Ticket System and Scheduling Algorithm based on Blockchain.
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Development of a Home-based Hand Rehabilitation Training and Compensation Feedback System.
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A Highly Robust Silicon Nano-pillar Chip for Electroporation Chip for Delivering Molecules to HeLa Cells.
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Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes for Fast Humidity Sensing.
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A Nonlinear One-Dimensional Model of Thermoresistive Micro Calorimetric Flow Sensor for Response Time Improving.
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Low-Cost Parylene Based Micro Humidity Sensor for Integrated Human Thermal Comfort Sensing.
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AI Agents for Sequential Promotions: Combining Deep Reinforcement Learning and Dynamic Field Experimentation.
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Design and Analysis of a Double-Layer Fault Tolerant Permanent Magnet Rim Driven Motor.
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A Green Power Traceability Technology Based on Timestamp in a Main-Side Chain System.
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RegLine: Assisting Novices in Refining Linear Regression Models.
Proceedings of the AVI '20: International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, Island of Ischia, Italy, September 28, 2020

Visual Exploration of Time-Series Forecasts Through Structured Navigation.
Proceedings of the AVI '20: International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, Island of Ischia, Italy, September 28, 2020

An Adaptive Electromigration Assessment Algorithm for Full-chip Power/Ground Networks.
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The minimum zone fitting and error evaluation for the logarithmic curve based on geometry optimization approximation algorithm.
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Improvements of Multihop Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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CropDeep: The Crop Vision Dataset for Deep-Learning-Based Classification and Detection in Precision Agriculture.
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Hard Decision-Based Cooperative Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Constructing a Finer-Resolution Forest Height in China Using ICESat/GLAS, Landsat and ALOS PALSAR Data and Height Patterns of Natural Forests and Plantations.
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Spatiotemporal Fusion Algorithm for Single-Time Phase High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Based on Sparse Representationy.
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Personalized Mobile Targeting with User Engagement Stages: Combining a Structural Hidden Markov Model and Field Experiment.
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Work hard, play hard: How linking rewards in games to prior exercise performance improves motivation and exercise intensity.
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Compound Autoregressive Network for Prediction of Multivariate Time Series.
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An approach of improved dynamic deep belief nets modeling for algae bloom prediction.
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Probability Fusion Decision Framework of Multiple Deep Neural Networks for Fine-Grained Visual Classification.
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A Hybrid Path Planning Method for an Unmanned Cruise Ship in Water Quality Sampling.
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Time-Delay System Control Based on an Integration of Active Disturbance Rejection and Modified Twice Optimal Control.
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Semi-Supervised Segmentation Framework Based on Spot-Divergence Supervoxelization of Multi-Sensor Fusion Data for Autonomous Forest Machine Applications.
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Component Analysis of Errors in Four GPM-Based Precipitation Estimations over Mainland China.
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A New Device used in Selective Withdrawal from Reservoirs and its Effectiveness Verified in Computational Fluid Dynamics.
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A Performance Evaluation Algorithm of Stochastic Hybrid Systems Based on Fuzzy Health Degree and Its Application to Quadrotors.
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Cooperative Localization With Bounding Constraints in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Real-Time Spectrum Sniffer for Cognitive Radio Based on Rotman Lens Spectrum Decomposer.
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Prediction of Ejection State for a Pneumatic Valve-Controlled Micro-Droplet Generator by a BP Neural Network.
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An Unobtrusive Fall Detection and Alerting System Based on Kalman Filter and Bayes Network Classifier.
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Sunny, Rainy, and Cloudy with a Chance of Mobile Promotion Effectiveness.
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A direct parametric approach to spacecraft attitude tracking control.
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