Siqi Li

According to our database1, Siqi Li authored at least 53 papers between 2007 and 2020.

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LiDAR Point Cloud Recognition of Overhead Catenary System with Deep Learning.
Sensors, 2020

A Deep Learning-Based Method for Overhead Contact System Component Recognition Using Mobile 2D LiDAR.
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Robust impedance control for SEAs.
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Two-sided M-Bayesian limits of credibility of reliability parameters in the case of zero-failure data and a case study.
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Low-Dose CT Image Denoising Using Parallel-Clone Networks.
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Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Using Novel Center-Point Estimation and Local Features.
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DenseX-Net: An End-to-End Model for Lymphoma Segmentation in Whole-Body PET/CT Images.
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Attention-Based Multi-Modal Fusion Network for Semantic Scene Completion.
Proceedings of the Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2020

Fault-Tolerant Wireless Power Transfer System With a Dual-Coupled LCC-S Topology.
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Airborne Lidar Sampling Strategies to Enhance Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation from Landsat Imagery.
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Muscle tension training method for series elastic actuator (SEA) based on gain-scheduled method.
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Effects of the arterial radius and the center-line velocity on the conductivity and electrical impedance of pulsatile flow in the human common carotid artery.
Medical Biol. Eng. Comput., 2019

Stacked sparse autoencoder and case-based postprocessing method for nucleus detection.
Neurocomputing, 2019

Variable stiffness control for SEAs in rehabilitation training.
Adv. Robotics, 2019

Visibility Attribute Extraction and Anomaly Detection for Chinese Diagnostic Report Based on Cascade Networks.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Magnetic Integration Half-Turn Planar Transformer and its Analysis for LLC Resonant DC-DC Converters.
IEEE Access, 2019

Stiffness Adjustment for a Single-Link Robot Arm Driven by Series Elastic Actuator in Muscle Training.
IEEE Access, 2019

Liver Tumor Segmentation Based on Multi-Scale Candidate Generation and Fractal Residual Network.
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Nonlinear Generalized Predictive Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Extended State Observer.
Proceedings of the IECON 2019, 2019

Fast Identification Method for Voltage Sag Type and Characteristic.
Proceedings of the IECON 2019, 2019

Exploration of Ideal Interaction Scheme on Smart TV: Based on User Experience Research of Far-Field Speech and Mid-air Gesture Interaction.
Proceedings of the Design, User Experience, and Usability. User Experience in Advanced Technological Environments, 2019

Neural Network Learning Control of Multi-input System with Unknown Dynamics.
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Convolutional Neural Network Based Multi-feature Fusion for Non-rigid 3D Model Retrieval.
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Structure convolutional extreme learning machine and case-based shape template for HCC nucleus segmentation.
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An effective computer aided diagnosis model for pancreas cancer on PET/CT images.
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Corrected Continuous Correlation Filter for Long-Term Tracking.
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Speed Regulation of Overhead Catenary System Inspection Robot for High-Speed Railway through Reinforcement Learning.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE SmartWorld, 2018

An Effective Multi-classification Method for NHL Pathological Images.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 2018

AutoQuiz: A Personalized, Adaptive, Test Practice System (Abstract Only).
Proceedings of the 49th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, 2018

The Design of Inter-satellite Link Topology Based on Time-Slot Allocation Technology.
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Non-Smooth Control of PMSM Position Servo System Based on Model Compensation.
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Automatic and Real-Time Shop Signboards Monitoring and Supervision System Using Active Radio Frequency Identification Technology.
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Dynamic Satellite Network Routing Algorithm Based on Link Scheduling.
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A Novel Fusion Framework Based on Adaptive PCNN in NSCT Domain for Whole-Body PET and CT Images.
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Joint multiple fully connected convolutional neural network with extreme learning machine for hepatocellular carcinoma nuclei grading.
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Research on a dual active bridge based power electronics transformer using nanocrystalline and Silicon Carbide.
Proceedings of the IECON 2017 - 43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Beijing, China, October 29, 2017

Recognize the Same Users across Multiple Online Social Networks.
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Comparison Study on SS and Double-Sided LCC Compensation Topologies for EV/PHEV Wireless Chargers.
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Wireless Power Transfer by Electric Field Resonance and Its Application in Dynamic Charging.
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Could Cloud Technology be Useful in Autonomous Mental Developmental Robotics? A Case Study.
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A Novel Accuracy and Similarity Search Structure Based on Parallel Bloom Filters.
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A Denotational Semantics for Parameterised Networks of Synchronised Automata.
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Integrated Environment for Verifying and Running Distributed Components.
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Non-rigid 3D Model Retrieval Based on Weighted Bags-of-Phrases and LDA.
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Research on Multiple Files Input Programming Method Based on MapReduce.
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A biocompatible affinity MEMS sensor for continuous monitoring of glucose.
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A New Optimized Error-Resilient Coding for Video Applications.
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