Qi Alfred Chen

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  • authored at least 16 papers between 2014 and 2017.
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Towards Secure and Safe Appified Automated Vehicles.
CoRR, 2017

Towards secure and safe appified automated vehicles.
Proceedings of the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2017

Open Doors for Bob and Mallory: Open Port Usage in Android Apps and Security Implications.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy, 2017

Client-side Name Collision Vulnerability in the New gTLD Era: A Systematic Study.
Proceedings of the 2017 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 2017

MitM Attack by Name Collision: Cause Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment in the New gTLD Era.
Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, 2016

QoE Inference Without Application Control.
Proceedings of the 2016 workshop on QoE-based Analysis and Management of Data Communication Networks, 2016

Kratos: Discovering Inconsistent Security Policy Enforcement in the Android Framework.
Proceedings of the 23nd Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium, 2016

Understanding On-device Bufferbloat for Cellular Upload.
Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on Internet Measurement Conference, 2016

Android UI Deception Revisited: Attacks and Defenses.
Proceedings of the Financial Cryptography and Data Security, 2016

Performance Characterization and Call Reliability Diagnosis Support for Voice over LTE.
Proceedings of the 21st Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, 2015

Static Detection of Packet Injection Vulnerabilities: A Case for Identifying Attacker-controlled Implicit Information Leaks.
Proceedings of the 22nd ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 2015

Efficient route guidance in vehicular wireless networks.
Proceedings of the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, 2014

Peeking into Your App without Actually Seeing It: UI State Inference and Novel Android Attacks.
Proceedings of the 23rd USENIX Security Symposium, San Diego, CA, USA, August 20-22, 2014., 2014

Understanding RRC state dynamics through client measurements with mobilyzer.
Proceedings of the 6th annual workshop on Wireless of the students, 2014

Discovering fine-grained RRC state dynamics and performance impacts in cellular networks.
Proceedings of the 20th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, 2014

QoE Doctor: Diagnosing Mobile App QoE with Automated UI Control and Cross-layer Analysis.
Proceedings of the 2014 Internet Measurement Conference, 2014